Forthcoming Events

Welcome to my Forthcoming Events page.

Here you will find listed various events where I will be making public appearances, book-signing teaching courses or lecturing.

I hope that you will be able to attend some of the events listed and I shall look forward to meeting you there.

Please check on these pages regularly for updates as they will change from time to time as new events come up. Any queries may be e-mailed to me regarding these events.

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Forthcoming Lectures

Meditation & Consciousness

I will be giving a lecture on the subject of Meditation & Consciousness presented to the Comox Valley Metaphysical Explorations group at the following location and date:

Date: Thursday 26th November 2015
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Lions Den, 1729 Comox Avenue (back door off Nordin St.)
Donation: A $5.00 donation is appreciated at the door.


7pm to 8pm: Meditation as a Daily Practice
8pm to 9pm: Guided Meditation and Questions

This talk will explore techniques for connecting with your innermost self on a daily basis using Meditation as a tool.

Going further, we shall explore Dreams and Visualisation as other aspects of consciousness which are also instrumental in leading one to an altered and advanced state of consciousness.

The first hour of the talk will deal with theory and techniques and the second will include a guided meditation with room for questions at the end.

Copies of my book Nature's Wisdom will be available at this talk at the discounted price of $15.00 per copy.

Outline of the Course Lectures

Medical Intuition

By Stephen Austen

"The physical body is a condensation of emotional and mental vibration" - a phrase coined by Stephen Austen
Medical Intuition is a faculty of clairvoyance in which I am able to ‘read’ the current health condition of the individual and thus sense where the seat of imbalance may reside. Using this faculty I also make use of my artistic skills to draw a sketch on paper which gives an outline of the person before me including the areas which I am able to perceive as being in need of restoration and healing. This means that I will produce an illustration which shows the organs, bones, muscles and other structures which I have been able to see clairvoyantly, including energetic vibrations emanating from the etheric body and aura. Think of this as rather like having a clairvoyant x-ray.

The body itself is temporary, and is in fact nothing more than a conglomerate of energies which reside at much deeper levels of being. All physical disease is a result of such energies becoming imbalanced in some way. My aim is to help the body restore itself so that the inner being, the real 'you' can gain the strength to work on deeper causative factors. In this talk we will explore how Medical Intuition works and how it may serve others in helping them to restore health and wellbeing. You too, may develop this faculty and there will be room at the end of the lecture to try this for yourself.

The Questions period shall last approximately half an hour, and may not necessarily pertain entirely to the subject of Medical Intuition. Please raise other questions from similarly related subjects as they have occurred to you during the talk. However, please also bear in mind that we only have half an hour for this section so questions need to be brief and to the point.

Experiential Medical Intuition
The audience will split into small groups of three and attempt to read the health of each person in their group, lasting around 5 minutes each person. I will advise and guide where need be. This is an opportunity to try out your own facility for utilising Medical Intuition.

Manifesting your Reality

By Stephen Austen

This lecture may be one of the most important of my lectures, in that it provides the definite tools with which to work to start transforming your life along lines that you truly desire. This subject is a practical excursion into the innermost workings of our thoughts and emotions and understanding how these have shaped everything that we have experienced up until now.

In this lecture I am able to give you definite and positive methods which actually work that will change every aspect of your life into the kind of life that you dream of. No more wanting and not having, but actualising and manifesting! I shall speak from personal experience that these techniques really do work.

Some of the things that you will take away with you shall be gaining an understanding of your own everyday mantras which you are thinking, saying and feeling on a day to day basis, and turning them into their positive counterpart. You will learn that your core beliefs set up a vibration and that the Universe (the Godhead) responds to your personal vibration. Life is more about what you actually and deeply feel more than anything else. Therefore you will comprehend why so many positive verbal affirmations do not work; you will learn how to Allow good things into your experience, and how you may be unconsciously hindering the reception of what you claim to desire most of all. We will also talk about the importance of the ‘Self Image.’

It is advisable to come along equipped with a notepad and pen as you will not want to miss the vitally important methods of manifesting that I shall give you. The value of this lecture is priceless if you take the time to really work with the teachings as given and stick with them on a permanent basis. There is nothing in this entire Universe that shall be impossible to you if you recognise the Truths inherent in learning how to manifest your reality.

You will come away from this lecture truly realising that this is a benevolent Universe, which desires your well-being always. It is only we who hold that well-being away from us. He or she who asks shall receive, to the one who knocks, the door shall open, the one who seeks shall find. This lecture will show you how.

Manifesting Good Health

By Stephen Austen

In this lecture I discuss the manner in which the brain and nervous system have a direct impact upon your health and well-being.

This talk will involve the use of Law of Attraction techniques focussed on the health of body, mind and spirit.

You will begin to recognise how your persistent thoughts and emotions actually affect the physical body; remember that the physical body is a condensation of emotional and mental vibration.

This lecture concludes with a meditation on health which should be practiced regularly in order to gain the best benefits from it.

Please look at my Meditation Recordings page
to see The Sun meditation which is the form of meditation used for this purpose.

Life in the Spiritual Worlds

By Stephen Austen

This lecture is a continuation of my talk Life After Death in which the theme set concerning the existence of the soul after physical death is taken and developed further by thoroughly investigating the mode of life in the Spiritual planes beyond Earthly life.

The Constitution of Man is examined in outline, including the difference between the Higher Self and the Earthly Personality. The Earth World and its own subtle ‘bodies’ is examined, showing correspondences in the subtle bodies which make up the human being. The so-called ‘Seven Heavens’ are explored, and the grades of consciousness contained within each. Where do certain types of soul go to, and what do they do in the various planes? Where do spirit people live and what is their modus operandi? Are their buildings and other structures, such as roads, houses, cities, etc? What are their occupations? All of this is explored, based on my own personal experiences and the testimony of countless reports from people who have made the transition to Spirit and those who have undergone Near Death Experiences and have lived to tell the tale. You will be amazed at the stunning beauty found even on the average levels of consciousness that the ordinary decent human being goes to, making the Earth pall in comparison.

We shall also examine the Hierarchy of the Spiritual Worlds, revealing that there is an Inner Government on higher planes of being who direct and inspire affairs on Earth. You will learn about the Guides, Masters and Devas (Angels) who direct and inspire mankind upon Earth, as well as discarnate people who once trod the Earth path and held prominent positions on Earth and who still seek to assist the race of men.

You will understand how one makes the transition to the Spirit World and the different modes of entry into that hidden Kingdom of Souls. What emerges is a dimension of “many mansions” which Jesus made reference to, composed of myriads of worlds, teaming with life, in very real and tangible planes of consciousness which reveals that the Earth world is a poor reflection or shadow of the veiled reality that lies beyond this sphere.

The Metaphysical Life of the Master Jesus

By Stephen Austen

In this talk I will lead you through the life of the Master Jesus, known to us as The Christ. You will learn about the ancient mystic roots which link Jesus to the teachings of Moses, which he brought out from the Egyptian Mystery School. We will discuss Reincarnation and Karma and I will reveal evidence that Jesus and the original Christians believed in and taught these truths.

Using Biblical texts as my source material, I will show you that all of the following subject matter can be easily found in any Bible; Life After Death, Reincarnation, Karma, Spirit Communication, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Dematerialisation, Materialisation, Telepathy, ESP, Pre-cognition, Prophecy, Channelling and Overshadowing. The various churches have either suppressed, ignored or failed to understand these perennial Truths, and in so doing, have, as Jesus said of the Sadducees “greatly erred” in their lack of comprehension of them.

This detailed talk, with precise quotations, will lift the veil of ignorance and misunderstanding which surrounds the life and teachings of Jesus. By the end of the lecture, you will see a profoundly superior Jesus to the one promulgated by the church, who stands forth as one who came to show us that “the works that I do, you shall do also, and greater works than these shall you do”. You will recognize that his life and accomplishments were designed as a pattern for all of us to likewise achieve and not as an unobtainable goal reserved only for one superior being. That is the true greatness of Jesus – he showed us our own Divinity.

The Initiations of Jesus

By Stephen Austen

In this lecture I lead the audience through the ancient mysteries which the Master Jesus purposely and deliberately acted out in his life as a living drama. We explore the 7 Initiations which everyone undergoes in their life, as both Minor Initiations and Major Initiations. Jesus of Nazareth lived so that we might openly recognize the pattern of initiation in our own lives and how we might emulate the Masters of the Wisdom and become liberated from the cycle of incarnations.

The following Initiations are examined in full:

1 – Birth
2 – Baptism
3 – Transfiguration
4 – Crucifixion
5 – Resurrection
6 – Ascension
7 – Enthronement

You will learn how you are undergoing these initiations in Minor and Major degrees, and may even be able to gauge your own progress when in moments of deep reflection and meditation.

What emerges from this is a deep and thorough understanding that there is an enormous cosmic Plan for all mankind working effectively through every single individual upon the planet. The path to personal evolution is comprehended as being through the various stages of initiation which ultimately leads all back towards the Godhead.

Spiritual Anatomy

A Talk by Stephen Austen

Above the entrance to temples in ancient Greece there was inscribed a maxim which stated, "Man, know Thyself". The aim of this Talk is to achieve somewhat a measure of that aim. Stephen Austen will introduce the students to an understanding of the 'subtle bodies' which underlie the physical body and how these interact with one another. He will explain the position of the endocrine glands and show how these glands are connected to the spiritual organs known in the ancient Indian Sanskrit tongue as chakras. A chakra basically means a 'wheel' or vortex of force and the talk will develop a true understanding of how the chakras operate and interact with the energies of the physical body. The student will learn about the very real connections which the subtle chakras have in relation to the endocrine system and to the nervous system. Using his skills as an artist, Steve will draw anatomical diagrams on the board which show how the pituitary and pineal glands may be awakened via meditation techniques and in these diagrams he will reveal the symbolism involved in human anatomy which is not immediately obvious. Steve will touch upon the life and consciousness of the cell, atomic structures and their reflection in the macrocosm.

Reincarnation & Karma

A Talk by Stephen Austen

In this Talk Stephen Austen will draw upon his unique and personal experiences of memories from his own previous existences. He will quote from books about these subjects including references from the gospels concerning the life of the Master Jesus.

The aim of this Talk is to present a sound case for the reality, logic and compassion behind the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Karma. His aim, as with all his lectures, is to present a case for Reincarnation and Karma in a logical, sound and scientific way, marrying up science and spirituality. Steve will present to you a God of love and compassion and a Universe in which there is perfect order and no arbitrary judgement or injustice. You will be likely to leave this talk with very different feelings about our existence on this planet and will see the circumstances of your own life in a greater perspective and with a new sense of freedom about your own personal destiny.

Life After Death

A Talk by Stephen Austen

Stephen Austen is a Clairvoyant Medium and has had psychic, spiritual and mystical experiences since babyhood. He can contact those who have passed into the spiritual dimension and works professionally to assist grieving loved-ones to come to an understanding that there is no 'death'. In this Talk Steve will present his personal understanding of life beyond the physical form and what to expect when your physical body dies. Using diagrams on the board he will take you through a journey into the Afterlife and teach you about the various planes of consciousness which exist outside of the physical dimension. He will draw upon quotations from various other sources in which life after death is understood to be a fact and not merely consigned to being a theory and he will also utilise as much scientific evidence as possible to support the reality of life after death.

Open Forum

An open discussion with Stephen Austen

This is your turn to speak! You, the students, set the agenda here. These Open Forums have always been highly popular because students are encouraged to bring along their own questions and put these to Steve who will then answer them drawing upon his vast reservoir of metaphysical knowledge. Questions must not be personal, but must relate to Universal issues such as the following; Life After Death, Reincarnation, Karma, God, Religious beliefs, Spirit Guides, Astrology, Dreams, Meditation, the World, the Universe, etc, etc. Anything which you can think of or have always wanted to know about is worthy of discussion in the context of a spiritual/metaphysical sphere. Steve will not be coming prepared with any notes, so you must get the ball rolling. Some of the best Talks ever given by Stephen Austen have been through these Open Forums. Discussions such as these generate a lot of excitement and indeed, enlightenment because the input of our collective consciousness is elevating all of us to a higher state of being and understanding.