Welcome to my Links page.

Here you will find some interesting websites, some of which have direct connections with me, and others of general interest to the seeker on the path of spirituality and personal development. I hope that you enjoy browsing these websites and gain as much from them as I and countless others have.

Anke Zimmermann BSc. ND. FCAH

Naturopathic Physician - Classical Homeopath
Based in Victoria, BC, Canada

I can highly recommend Anke Zimmermann as a person of integrity and quality. Originally from Germany, the 'home' of Homeopathy, Anke is a compassionate and intelligent practitioner with a great wealth of knowledge and experience. Please do look at her website above for further information.

Cygnus Books
Cygnus Books is wonderful bookselling organisation who aims to bring you into contact with the best books by the best authors in the fields of health, healing, spirituality and personal development. They publish a beautiful, informative and highly fascinating free magazine entitled The Cygnus Review which brings the reader into contact with the latest and greatest books in the field of spiritual and metaphysical development.

Based in Wales in the UK, Cygnus offers their books at greatly reduced prices operating as a book club but without the binding rules that so many book clubs often have. Carla and I were members when we lived in England and we can therefore both highly recommend using them.

Cygnus Books wrote an excellent review for my book Meditation for Everyday Living a few years ago and I have recently been honoured to have my name listed on their Links page under Authors which links to my own website.

Please peruse Cygnus Books website above and enjoy the experience of great reading.

Medwyn Goodall Music

Medwyn Goodall is something of a New Age Music hero. Based in England, his international reputation is second to none in the New Age field. I have been listening to his recordings for the last 20 or so years and am constantly impressed by his wide range of musical variation and incredible talent. His work is always fresh and innovative and with his wide range of musical ability, playing Celtic harp, flute, Irish whistle, dulcimer, mandolin, guitar, pan pipes, keyboards and many other instruments, his music is at once mystical, dreamy, uplifting, dramatic, stirring and moving.

Medwyn wrote the beautiful piece Dolphin Bay which accompanies the two guided meditations on the CD that goes with my book Meditation for Everyday Living. This piece is just one sample of the incredible beauty of Medwyn's music, full of real dolphin and whale sounds and accompanied by lulling, dreamy keyboards and guitar which lures the listener into a deep state of meditative bliss. Everyone who has read my book has commented on the effectiveness of Dolphin Bay as a real aid to meditation. If you love excellent music, do take a look at Medwyn's website and fill your CD towers with the work of this musical genius!

National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)
Without question, the NFSH are the best and largest organisation of spiritual healers in the UK. Their influence has gained International status with outposts of healers in many far-flung corners of the globe. I originally trained with NFSH Healer John Phelps, himself a man of great integrity and healing skill. His own professionalism is a reflection of the general professional and caring approach which is the signature tune of the NFSH. John continues to work with the NFSH in conjunction with medical doctors and nursing staff in hospitals. He holds posts as Chairman of the York NFSH Healing Centre and as a member of the Region committee he is the Referral Co-ordinator, Probationer Liaison Officer, Centre Liaison and Area Committee Member for North Yorkshire. In addition, John is the national Treasurer of the Doctor-Healer Network.
Ron Broadbent, who was a personal friend of mine and was Vice President of the NFSH for a number of years, pioneered the Doctor-Healer relationship which is a growing aspect of Spiritual Healing in Great Britain. Although Ron passed to Spirit about three years ago, the work which he initiated continues to develop. There is no other organisation which has such a high professional standing in this particular field and the NFSH is rapidly becoming an acceptable body through which to obtain the highest standard in non-medical healthcare.

The NFSH is first and foremost a charity, existing from a generous spirit, entirely on donations from the public. It is totally non-denominational in its spiritual approach to the work of healing and the Source from which healing ultimately comes. It was founded by a man named John Britnell and the great and renowned healer Harry Edwards was the first Member. The NFSH continues in that same compassionate spirit which Harry Edwards embodied. Men and women from every walk of life and belief system are drawn into its ranks, from labourers to lords and ladies. Yet all of them work with the same common goal, of channelling healing energies from the Divine for the sick in body, emotion, mind and spirit. Although the NFSH cannot guarantee anything, 'miracles' do and can occur. Working in NFSH Healing Centres all over the UK and abroad, in hospitals, in hospices, nursing homes, and private homes, these dedicated NFSH healers touch the lives of millions and so bring Science and Spirit closer together.

If you or anyone you know has need of healers with genuine credentials and credibility, do contact the NFSH via their website at and they will put you in touch with your nearest local NFSH Healing Centre or individual healer.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
The above website is one that I highly recommend to everyone who reads my website or who attends my lectures. Kevin Williams, founder of the above site, has produced a marvelous compilation of literally thousands of the most comprehensive near-death experiences ever recorded and categorized upon the planet. The experiences covered are those of people from every walk of life, and from every religious or non-religious background. The similarities of their experiences, regardless of beliefs about the afterlife, are staggering. A common bond is seen that unites us all, and great hope is promised of a well ordered Universe in which there is a most definite plan.

There is considerable detail given about the afterlife realms, including the many stages open to soul growth beyond physical death, as well as re-birth into an Earthly body as part of that progress. This website has confirmed much of my own personal experiences and the many books that I have read upon the subject. If anyone had any doubts about the validity of life beyond physical death before, reading would I think, persuade many a hardened skeptic that there is indeed survival of human consciousness after the death of the body.

Please peruse and place it among your ‘favourites’. It is a website that needs to be read thoroughly in order to fully comprehend the vastness of it all. I believe that Kevin Williams is doing the world an enormous service through this website, by opening up countless numbers of people to the truth that ‘there is no death’.

Spirit Gate Farm
For those of you who are horse lovers, Spirit Gate Farm could be something that will truly appeal to you. Please take a look at the beautiful and informative website above to discover more about the many programs on offer at Spirit Gate which focus on self-awareness and healing on many different levels.

Director and Founder Michelle Atterby is a person of integrity who is running a unique, spiritually educational centre for children and adults, whereby working with horses or using other modalities can lead to personal transformation and well-being.