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Spiritual Talk Radio

Please click here to listen to my demonstration of Medical Intuition for 3 guests on Spiritual Talk Radio from the US, with Michael Beavor.

The show was recorded live on Wednesday 6th March 2013.

Monday Magazine

The following was from Rachel Greene as an article on the “Livin’ Greene” section of Monday Magazine, Victoria, BC, dated July 30th – August 5th 2009.

What are we talking about?
Medical Intuition & Healing

Who & Where?
Stephen Austen, Clairvoyant Medium & Medical Intuitive.

Can ya dig it?
I’ve been simultaneously fascinated and freaked out at the idea of meeting with a medical intuitive but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Stephen put me at ease straight away with a brief explanation of how he worked and what was going to happen. The reading itself was focused on what he could ‘see’ the state of my internal organs/body systems being, followed by recommendations on how to find solutions through nutrition and herbal medicine, meditation and relaxation. Stephen then also completed a healing session working on the energy centers in my etheric body.

Would I try it again?
Yes. Stephen accurately identified a couple of issues I have been experiencing symptoms of without any prompting. He was also able to clearly explain how my current mental/emotional state is physically manifesting and affecting my body and, give advice on proactive and preventative measures to assist in recovery and healing.

Agent/Publisher wanted

To all those who work with publicity and publishing, I am currently seeking a prospective personal agent and also a publisher for my manuscripts. If you are a literary or booking agent and have the necessary PR skills and qualifications in this field, I would be very interested in hearing from you to assist me in promoting my work. What I am looking for is someone who has experience in promoting author manuscripts with publishers who specialise in spiritual, metaphysical, self-help and personal development genres. My other, less known field is in the area of fiction, and any interested parties who deal in fiction would be welcome to contact me if they specialise in this genre. If you have the capacity to deal with other media such as newspapers, radio and TV stations for interviews and to organize lecture circuits and Channelling Seminars for me that would be a great asset in helping me to spread my work. So, I am seeking either a professional Author’s Agent, or a media PR or both. Anyone in these fields would be welcome to contact me.

In addition, I am at this time looking for a Publisher who specialises in spiritual and metaphysical genres and/or fiction as mentioned above, and who is reliable, excellent at communicating, easy to work with and sympathetic towards the services which I offer to the general public. I have more than 60 book ideas at this time, some of which are partially formulated and several are based on my lectures. Many others are in the field of fiction. I would like to discuss some of these ideas with an interested and sincere publisher. I have completed work on a new, exciting and illuminating Meditation manuscript which builds upon my first book, Meditation for Everyday Living. I also have an outline for a new Law of Attraction book based on the vital missing spiritual connection to this great Law.

I work very hard to meet deadlines; I turn out prolific work and present tidy, professional and legible manuscripts and am very easy and accommodating to work with. I have a great deal to offer to the right publisher, and the intuition to know what the public wants to read and how they want to read it.

If you feel from reading the above that you could work with me and have the skills that it takes to promote my work then do please contact me via this website and introduce yourself. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Radio Interview on blogtalkradio with Peter Tongue

On 12th February 2008 I was interviewed by blogtalkradio host Peter Tongue on his Internet radio show and discussed the deeper meaning of love as Valentine's Day was approaching. This show reveals the true meaning of love as expressed at its higher level.

To hear the show please see the details below and click on the link.
Show name: Spiritual Awakening with Stephen Austen on the topic of LOVE
Date: 12 February 2008
Show length: 1 Hour

Peter Tongue is a native of England, like myself, and runs many spiritual programs in Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island, as well as hosting his own radio show. He has a most impressive educational background having taken his professional chemistry and physical education year at Oxford University, England. He went on to teach chemistry at the highly prestigious Wellington College in Berkshire, England and when he moved to Canada he secured a place at St. Michael's University School in Victoria as Assistant Head and Senior School Principle. His teaching career has won him many distinguished honours and he continues to work for better education right here in Victoria.

Please visit Peter's beautiful and informative website at to find out more.

Ask Andria! The Law of Attraction in Action

Please open the MP3 audio below to hear my interview on the Internet Radio station Voice America where I was the featured guest on the Ask Andria! The Law of Attraction in Action show. This show may also be found archived via Andria Wingerter’s website and via Voice America as listed below.

You will be listening to host Andria Wingerter interviewing me regarding my own perspective on the Law of Attraction. In this interview I reveal three key steps that you may take which sheds a fuller light on the Law of Attraction and how best to apply this most fundamental law in your life.

Andria is a very close associate with Michael Losier, the world’s number one Law of Attraction teacher who has conducted several highly successful radio interviews about the Law of Attraction with Oprah Winfrey on America’s most popular Satellite Radio service through the Oprah & Friends radio show. Michael Losier is the highly successful author of the best-selling book Law of Attraction which is a must read for anyone who wants to learn the secret of attracting whatever it is that you truly want in your life.

Ask Andria! The Law of Attraction in Action
Recorded on: 14th November 2007
Running time: 55 minutes

To hear the recording please click the icon below. Alternatively to keep a copy on your computer right-click the icon and select "Save Target As...". You can then double-click the downloaded file to listen to the recording.

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Please peruse the following to find out more:

Voice America
Michael Losier
Oprah & Friends