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Outlined below you will see my books in order of publication, beginning with my first book Meditation for Everyday Living. The second book is entitled Nature's Wisdom. Please read the overviews of each of these books and follow the links to each to get a fuller picture of their content and purpose.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to all those who have bought my books and for all the complimentary feedback that I have received concerning them.

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Meditation for Everyday Living

By Stephen Austen

(With audio CD of guided meditations and music composed by Medwyn Goodall)


Published in the UK by: Godsfield Press Ltd
Format: Paperback. 210 x 170mm / 6 ¾ x 8 ¼ ins
Extent: 128 pages
Colour Photographs: 90
ISBN: 1-84181-148-3
See review at www.godsfieldpress.com
Published in the USA & Canada by: Barron's of New York
ISBN: US/Canada: 0-7641-7551-3
See review at www.barronseduc.com
Also published in the Czech Republic by: Talpress Publishers one of Czechoslovakia's leading publishing companies.

The best source for this book now is on the various Amazon sites at great prices. There are still second-hand copies available and some new, unused ones too. The book should come complete with a CD but check with Amazon first, before you purchase. I cannot send CD copies to purchasers of the book, as all sales will be dealt with by Amazon sellers. As this book is now out of print, I do not make any profits from sales of this book.
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My Review of Meditation for Everyday Living

The reviews indicated on the websites above should give you an excellent idea regarding the content of my book. But I would like to say something about this work myself. I wrote the manuscript for this book under the original title Meditation: Key to the Soul in the year 2000. I sent this off to various publishers and Godsfield Press chose to publish it under the current title to fit with their 'Everyday Living' series, hence the title Meditation for Everyday Living. It was first published in 2002 and Barron's of New York bought the rights to the book and distributed it throughout North America. The publishers were so taken with this book that they did not need to change anything from the original text save only for minor sentencing structures, which is an enormous compliment to my skills as a writer. Their input was in the incredible beauty of the stunning colour photography that fills its 128 pages and the intelligent use of text layout and format. Every photograph wonderfully matches my text and makes the book a visual feast. I cannot fault the exquisite workmanship that went into this book in every way, so complementing my written work that it makes for an ease of flow in the manner of reading and of comprehending the techniques outlined.

I was asked by the publishers to suggest a musician who might compose suitable music for the CD which accompanies the book; my immediate and only recommendation was Medwyn Goodall, whose music I had been listening to for about 15 years prior to writing this book. Medwyn's website at www.mgmusic.ltd.uk will give you all the information you need about this formidable and extremely talented world-renowned musician. He was consequently commissioned to write the piece Dolphin Bay for my CD and the result was a truly magical and deeply meditative composition.

As you will see from this website, my involvement in meditation has been virtually a life long pursuit since the age of 16. Meditation for Everyday Living is a concise and precise volume of the best methods that I have learned down these many years that suit the average meditator. These techniques are all proven to be safe and effective and are suitable for the complete beginner through to the advanced and highly experienced meditator. I have explained and demonstrated in this book the physiological reasons for the techniques involved, something which most meditation books omit. I think that it is vital that anyone embarking on any kind of practice should know how and why certain techniques work as they do so that there is sound reasoning and understanding behind the techniques which acts as a sure foundation upon which to base your trust in the instructions given.

I have explained what the word 'meditation' actually means; I lead the reader into understanding how to utilise specialised breathing techniques and to comprehend the importance of developing concentration. I show you dynamically how thoughts can be controlled and stilled to the point of eliminating unwanted thought altogether. I expound upon the correct method for utilising the AUM mantra. The chakras are explained, virtues encouraged, illusions dispelled. I lead you slowly, bit by bit, step by step and safely to the portal of enlightenment if you will have it. This book was definitely inspired through me, and I merely clothed it in words that people can understand. If you sincerely wish to learn how to meditate or to enlarge upon your experience of meditation, this book will provide the in-depth guidance that you need.

Other Review Excerpts

Dear Mr Austen,
Meditation for Everyday Living

I recently received the above book through Cygnus Books and, having read the relevant sections, began my usual meditation this morning by saying Aum for 10 or so repetitions as you suggest. I have been meditating regularly since 1977, mainly with TM and Buddhist breathing techniques and have experienced many periods of considerable depth during my sessions.

However, the effect immediately after starting my session this way was far beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I was treated to my very own 'Aurora Borealis' display and at some points the feeling of expansion and space was so extreme that I was quite fearful for a few moments.

I am certain that something quite important has occurred in my meditative progress after all this time through trying this technique. Thank you very much for writing this excellent book and for sharing this particular form of meditation.

David Greer, Scotland, UK

"Every now and then I come across a book which I clutch covetously and exclaim: 'I wish I had written this!' This is one such book..."
This is a portion of a review written by Christina Ince for "Issues" magazine, for August/September 2004. 'Issues' circulates throughout British Columbia, Canada.

"We were deeply impressed by Steve Austen's Meditation for Everyday Living, which succeeds in providing an excellent introduction to the art of meditation at the same time as offering much in-depth background information that would interest even the most experienced meditator. The choice of photographs, too, is a work of genius..."

This is a portion of a review by Cygnus Books UK which has a regular magazine called 'Cygnus Review' for all kinds of spiritual, metaphysical and self development books. They can be contacted at www.cygnus-books.co.uk and you can read the full review of Meditation for Everyday Living by typing in the title, plus you can find there an excerpt from the book itself.

"Hi Stephen,

I thought I’d drop you a note thanking you for this wonderful book you wrote: Meditation for Everyday Living. It is just what I was looking for: clear and simple – wonderful! And a joy for the eye with those illustrations!

Many thanks,
Sonja” Sonja Ruzicka, UK

Nature's Wisdom

Written & Illustrated by Stephen Austen

For excerpts, please click here

Please note that I am no longer selling the hard copy of Nature's Wisdom. But you may purchase the e-book with additional analogies and illustrations plus new cover art, on amazon as follows:www.amazon.com

Format: Paperback. 215 x 140mm / 8 ½ x 5 ½
Extent: 208 pages
Illustrations: 60 ink line-drawings
ISBN: 0-9732993-2-0

This is my second book, self-published in August 2004.


My Review of Nature's Wisdom

I first began writing Nature's Wisdom in 2001 whilst I still lived in England. I wrote many of the 60 analogies contained in the book whilst working as a Film Extra. The hours filming were long, with often endless free time spent sitting in a studio 'green room' or on a coach whilst it dripped with rain outside. I used that time to mentally escape into the wilds of Nature's infinite beauty and jotted down notes and prose which gradually formulated the content of this book.
When I immigrated to Calgary, Canada, I continued with this comforting and highly consoling manuscript and completed it there. The end result was a bountiful supply of inspired thought which not only taught me so much as the ideas flowed, but it taught and deeply touched my wife Carla and many others who read samples of the manuscript. This book had evolved by itself, taking on its own life, for I had no definite mental concept of what the end result might finally be.

Nature's Wisdom began with my deep love and respect for Nature, for the animals, the forests, woodlands and untamed wilderness to the delicate flowers and busy insects underfoot. I wrote the book simply for the pleasure of it, whether it became published or not. By and by, it did evolve into a powerful teaching book and an excellent tool for meditation. Through my own personal observations and insights I recognised the lessons contained in the Natural World around us, and when others read the analogies in the manuscript they also recognised these valuable lessons and became inspired to look at Nature with deepening insights of their own. I was encouraged by my wife Carla and others, to try and get this book into print, and I also felt that this would be the kind of book that would appeal to a wide range of people. It makes for very easy reading as each of the 60 analogies can be read in less than five minutes. The reader may read one per day and meditate on that lesson for the day, going slowly through the book over a two month period. Or the book can just be dipped into at random and see what message lies in the pages for that particular day from Nature to you.

As the manuscript evolved, I added 60 illustrations to match each of the 60 analogies using my artistic skills to portray ink line-drawings of mountains, fruits, trees, insects, animals, heavenly bodies, birds, minerals, reptiles and the elements in action which dramatically and beautifully bring the analogies to life.

Nature's Wisdom is a book which is designed to inspire all of us to work upon the essential nature of our character; each analogy is used as a tool for developing the higher qualities or 'virtues' which is a word rarely spoken of these days. Characteristics such as Calmness, Endurance, Fortitude, Faith, Patience, Flexibility, Grace, Modesty, Serenity, Courage, Confidence, Generosity, Responsibility and many others are encouraged through reading the outstanding examples of these very characteristics as witnessed in Nature around us.

I offer this book as a token of my own deep love and appreciation of Nature and hope that it will encourage your own insights and personal transformation through reading its many profoundly inspiring and moving lessons.

Readers' Reviews

Dear Stephen Austen
Nature’s Wisdom has been without a doubt a real new way to manage, for me to live without my very special husband; (he passed into Spirit) the book was a new hope for me and it was over time that it came out of this book which helped me to see the good in life and that nature does indeed take us on the journey that we all must travel, to see the real truth.

The valuable thing in reading this book for me is positive, of all the wonderful things Nature’s Wisdom teaches such as courage and kindness, that I can share, open to any one who wishes to have this book and there were 8 people that I gave this book to and they all love it.

So I am sending my thanks to you for your book Nature’s Wisdom which has helped me for a very long time.

God Bless and keep up your good work.

Georgina Fritze, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Steve Austen’s book “Nature’s Wisdom” has been a personal treasure to me. It is written in a format that can be used daily or at any time when higher understanding is yearned for. It has comforted me and it has brought new and fresh insights into life’s mysteries. Nature is God’s way of being with us all the time. All we need to do is experience its wisdom and see deeper into its message. Steve has brought this to us…all we have to do is open the book…to any page…and treasure each word. It is a true gift.”
Donna Hollman,
Nelson, BC Canada.

As a biologist, nature is, and has always been an integral part of my life. Even as a small girl, in my times of trouble, I looked to nature for strength and comfort. When I saw Stephen's book, "Nature’s Wisdom – Portals to Human Potential" it really resonated with me.
Recently my nephew and I read two passages from Stephen's book together. After each passage we interpreted the theme into our own words and talked about what it meant to us. At eight years old my nephew was able to read, interpret and relate to Stephen's book. It was an amazing evening for me, spending this special time with my nephew and communicating at this level thanks to Stephen’s book on Nature’s Wisdom.

Shauna Paynter, Kelowna BC, Canada