Who is Stephen Austen?

To begin with, I think that it is vitally important that you should know who I am and why any number of the keywords you may have used on your search of the Internet led you to this site. Therefore, please read my personal profile here so that you may have a clear picture about me, what I do and what I stand for and how it is that I began to work as a Medical Intuitive, Healer and Clairvoyant Medium.

I was born in London, England in November 1960. Without boring you with the mundane details of my life, which, in every other respect was normal and very ordinary, I had many very unusual personal experiences from an early age which can be described as psychic at the lower end of the scale and spiritual at the highest.

These experiences, over the years, led me inexorably to seek the truth about the meaning of our existence, about religion, God, life after death and the theory of reincarnation.

It is an enormous task for me to just know where to begin with this personal profile and what to include and what to exclude. Therefore, let me begin with my earliest experience and then progress to only the key experiences in my life that have led me to my own understanding of what truth is.

Most people do not remember their earliest childhood. I do. I must have been aged at the most only 18 months old when I had my first conscious experience of true personal awareness. I conjecture to say that I was 18 months old, but that may even be a generous estimate of my age at that time, for it is possible that I was even younger. I can still recall, quite clearly even now as I write, that I was sitting on the ground in the garden of my parents little house in Peckham, South-East London, in either the Summer of 1961 (at the earliest) or the Summer of 1962 (at the latest) and was busily eating handfuls of soil like babies do. I can vividly recall the taste of the soil and its grittiness in my baby mouth. I can see my tiny baby hands and podgy little belly. I see the cotton nappy that was common baby wear in those days. This may seem no more remarkable other than a demonstration of a very strong memory. But the remarkable thing came as a revelation in the form of a sudden heightened state of consciousness in which I felt fully conscious of being somewhere just above the physical, automaton-like baby and knowing myself to exist on a much higher dimension. I felt that I already had much knowledge and was distinctly aware that the baby body was not me but only one aspect of a much greater self.

This sudden realisation was only interrupted by one of my older brothers calling out to my mother "Stevie's eating dirt again!" and coming out into the garden and picking me up and taking me inside the house. The magic was broken…..temporarily.

Imagine the effect that this experience had on me as I grew into childhood. Although carrying on in every other respect as a normal child, a part of me inwardly recognised that there was a much greater world in existence all around us, if we could only access it and understand it. As I grew, I often found myself entering a state of being that was mildly transcendent in which I would become fully aware that my physical form was not the real me. Even at eight years old I distinctly recall asking one of my brothers (he was ten at the time) if he ever felt as if he was someone else. He didn't know what I meant, but I would try to describe my feelings to him by saying "I feel as if I am me, and yet I am not me". I remember those poignant words as if I said them only yesterday. Many times after speaking with my brother, I realised that no one else would ever understand what I was experiencing. I would often, in solitary moments, question myself over this, trying to comprehend this innermost feeling of this other self, this 'not-self'. It would take me several years to truly know that these feelings were real and were the voice of my own soul speaking to me.

Again, around the ages of eight to nine I had another experience which just came into my consciousness from out of the blue. I often played solitary games in the house, perhaps with a balloon or a ball, and always had the capacity to play for hours on end with just one simple toy and fully concentrate on that one thing. (I learned later that the ability to focus on just one thing is an essential quality for anyone who seeks to meditate effectively). One day, playing like this, I suddenly became aware that I was a little older, perhaps a teenager, but living in the far ancient past. I wore sandals and a simple white robe and was walking in the desert towards the rising Sun. I felt the early warmth of the Sun and took such pleasure in greeting it. I then saw a very deep canyon or gorge and became fascinated by its great depth. It seemed to have some kind of special meaning to me and I was drawn to it intensely. The vision passed, but the feeling within me did not.

In relation to the above experience, it was around this time (aged eight to nine) that I became deeply drawn to the figure of Jesus. We were taught all about him at my school, (St. Margaret’s Church of England Primary School in Plumstead, South London) and our teachers and Anglican Vicars from the Church tried to instil in us the fear of God. That approach never felt right to me. I never did understand why they should want schoolchildren to fear God. Wasn't God a God of Love? They would talk about Jesus but I never felt that they quite understood him either, that somehow they had lost something essential, something far more wonderful and truly loving than any of the creeds and God-fearing nonsense that they instilled in us. My clairvoyance was already operative at a deep, intuitive level – a sign of my future work as a clairvoyant medium. On one occasion at which we attended Harvest Festival at the Church near our school in Plumstead, South London, our form teacher made us all hush up and told us to be quiet because we were "entering the House of God". I recall telling the other children that those words were untrue, that God does not need to dwell in any building made by man. If the teacher had heard me, I do not doubt that I would have been punished - for speaking the real truth.

Now, my link to being drawn to Jesus was something which never left me, not even to this day. Although my philosophy embraces all religions and I recognise and honour the teachings of Buddha, Krishna and all those who have taught Truth, for me, Jesus has always embodied the highest ideal and example that any of us could follow. I am not a 'Christian' as such, and have renounced any connection to any organised religion. Instead, I follow a philosophy which is based on the principle that Truth is something which unfolds, like a rose, revealing ever more of its splendour. There is always something more to learn, some new, fresh revelation which builds upon that which went before. In my work I am not pushing any particular belief system upon anyone, and focus instead on helping them as a support to their personal beliefs or convictions. Indeed, faculties such as clairvoyance and mediumship will help them whether they believe in anything or in nothing at all.

I have digressed a little, and I will return to my point about the 'Jesus' connection. It was not until I reached the age of 25 years that I paid a visit to a very prominent author and lecturer of metaphysics named Dr. Douglas Baker (I had frequently attended his lectures) who had prepared my Horoscope for me. Looking at my Chart he saw that I had lived at the time of Christ in the Judean desert. I had been an Essene and wore white robes. I would get up early, as the Sun rose and meditate looking down into a deep gorge. He had revealed my visions of childhood! I almost wept with relief that this man had uncovered for me that what I had recalled in my childhood was indeed a memory of another life once lived in ancient Palestine. It was true. We really have lived before, I thought, and this is the proof! I had always hoped that my vision had been a true revelation of a previous existence, but I had not had any direct evidence that this was so, until that visit in the spring of 1986. For those who do not know, the Essenes were a Jewish spiritual order who lived in the Dead Sea area and the ruins of their dwellings can still be seen at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

To return to my childhood and to a further connection to the meeting mentioned above, at the age of twelve I had a vivid dream that I was a Renaissance artist in Italy. I was sitting on a chair in a huge room or hall, and outside the room other people were waiting behind immense doors trimmed with gold. Walking around me was Michelangelo, wagging his finger as he taught me the principles of high art. I awoke with a feeling that this dream was a past life, a real event that had actually taken place in my life. I have always been artistic in this current life, and my mother told me that I began drawing at a very early age. I still have a large collection of my artwork which I have saved all through my life since the age of 9. At the meeting above, in which I received the revelation about the Essene life, I was then told that I had lived as a Renaissance artist! Another part of my past fitted in with my personal experiences. All of the information I was given was without me saying a word about my vision or my dream. I now knew, without any doubts, that the theory of reincarnation was for me at least, no longer a hope but a reality. I knew with certainty that there is no death and only a continuance of existence that spans the ages and in which we progress ever upwards to more exalted states of being.

But even before that fated day in spring 1986 where my beliefs in pre-existence received undeniable confirmation, I had followed my inner voice and had pursued spiritual matters in great earnest. I was 16 and had begun to meditate at home on my own without any instruction books or outer guidance. I had by this time, discovered Spiritualism through my parents' interest in this subject, and found much in that to comfort me and to convince me that I was on the right track. Meditation seemed to be a natural next step on the way. I found that I could enter very deep states of consciousness and experience blissful sensations and so I stayed with my meditations alone and unaided for the next three years.

At nineteen, I joined a Circle for spiritual development whilst living in Sidcup, Kent, and stayed with this group for about seven years. During that period I had expressed a great desire to work as a healer and joined the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) through the Circle leader, John Phelps. I learned how to open myself up to the ability to heal and worked on a large number of people at The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and the Alternative Medicine Exhibition, both held annually in London. I also worked at NFSH Healing Centres, and had a particular connection to NFSH Bromley Group run by Ron Broadbent. I became a Full Healer Member of the NFSH at the age of 23 and was at that time the youngest healer working with the NFSH in the UK. The NFSH was and remains a charity, so the work I did was always voluntary, which I did gladly and freely for many years, visiting people in hospital and in their own homes.

(Simultaneously, my development as a clairvoyant medium was ongoing and unfolding and as a part of this unfoldment I often performed Channelling for John Phelps’s Circle in which my guides would overshadow me and deliver messages through me in deep trance. Subsequently, I have conducted Channellings for various groups over the years, usually small in number, and mostly on request. These group Channellings have proven very successful over the years, but currently we are not presenting them for the gerneral public through this website. Because the 'vibrations' have to be just right, and the group Channellings are not for the frivolous, we limit these sessions to the select few who earnestly want to gain further insights into the mysteries of life and develop along the lines of spiritual discipline. We will respond to those whom we personally know, if they request such sessions, and hope that others understand this).

My life went on quietly, and my working life in particular changed a great deal. My trade had been, since the age of 17, a Screen printer. I enjoyed it, but for me, it never paid well and I struggled. Over the years I worked as an artist, a lifeguard at swimming pools, a Swimming Instructor, a Film Extra and even did occasional photographic modelling work. Sometimes, my financial situation was so bad that I resorted to labouring work, and as I worked freelance, I often ran several jobs in all these field simultaneously. My struggle to make an income tended to push my spiritual pursuits into the background, although I always continued with my regular daily meditations regardless of my life's outer circumstances. I think that, on reflection, it is meditation which stands out in my life as the one major thing that has kept me going through the hardest times in my life, through financial disaster, emotional upheaval and deep despair. That is why, if you follow the links on this website, I write books about this subject and place such enormous emphasis on it.

In 1998 I met my wife-to-be, Carla. She had come to England from Montreal, Canada in 1980, following her parents move to London. Carla recognised my spiritual gifts as being special in a way that no one else had. She encouraged me to use these abilities to help others and to eradicate my issues about making money from these abilities. I had always tried to use my spiritual faculties freely - healing, clairvoyance and mediumship - but Carla was herself working as a healer and she too had overcome her own issues of receiving money for spiritual work. I realised that the priest and pastor gets paid for his ministry, as does the doctor and every other kind of alternative therapist. We both agreed that I needed to be paid for my time and couldn't possibly be available to the number of people who needed me if I was holding down a regular job and trying to fit in my spiritual services. So, having overcome a major stumbling block in my spiritual career, I turned to using my gifts in a professional capacity and have found that those abilities have increased manifold and that consequently I am a far more fulfilled person, finally living out my destiny and able to help a great deal more people, both far and near. The greatest need by the public seems to be through my work as a clairvoyant medium, healer and medical intuitive.

But this was not all that my beloved wife brought out in me. I had long been trying to get publishers to accept my work as a novelist with no success. But one day, Carla said to me, "Why don't you write a book on meditation? It's what you know about and what you do best. People need this these days." I thought about it, and concluded, "She's right!" So, I wrote the book Meditation for Everyday Living (please follow the links to this) and it was accepted by Godsfield Press. Subsequently, the prestigious New York publisher Barron’s published this book in the USA and Canada, and the book also received publication in Czechoslovakia.

In October 2001 my wife and I immigrated to Canada. For Carla, being Canadian, it was coming back, but for both of us it was certainly a new beginning. We lived in Calgary, Alberta, initially for the first two years, and in September 2003 we moved to Peachland in the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia. We remained there until December 2006 when we moved to Victoria, Vancouver Island. In October 2011 we moved to Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. This is our current residence.
Coming to Canada was a shock to the system as immigration must always be for those who leave their home country behind. However, we have adjusted to living here and recognised it as a profound learning process. Carla became a qualified Nutritionist passing with Honours and I unfolded my clairvoyance and mediumship to a much higher degree, adding the Telephone Reading service to my repertoire with great success. I was able to organise and develop my popular lecture series in Canada and conduct many successful book-signings for my books Meditation for Everyday Living and Nature’s Wisdom both of which you can find on this website.

My work principally involves conducting private consultations as a clairvoyant medium, either over the telephone or in person. My wife Carla assists me in my administrative work and is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me. All of my work has one clear aim, to support and guide other seekers on this path to find their own personal truth, and then enlarge upon it even as the rose unfolds upon the bud.

So that is my story up until now. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope that this brief outline of my life and the motivation behind my life gives you a clear understanding of my work and why I am so moved to do it. Please follow the links under each of the separate headings to discover more of how I work, what my philosophy is, and how I may help you, personally, either as a Clairvoyant Medium, Healer and Medical Intuitive or otherwise.