Clairvoyant Readings

Welcome to the Readings page. I conduct Clairvoyant Readings & Mediumship for people who are able to come to me in person at my home in Qualicum Beach, B.C, Vancouver Island in Canada, and Telephone Readings for those who live at a distance, either in other parts of Canada or abroad. My Telephone Readings work just as well as in-person Readings and are just as accurate and comforting.

For in-person Readings please contact me to make a request to see me in person, and for Telephone Readings please click here.

Refund Policy
For all my different services listed below, I do have a Refund Policy, with some discretion and flexibility, depending on the nature of the refund and the circumstances involved. Examples are below:

a) If, after a maximum of fifteen minutes, I feel that the connection between the client and myself is not compatible, I will offer to terminate the session at no cost, and will send a refund (via PayPal for telephone sessions) and not accept payment for in-person sessions.

b)If a session has gone over the specified fifteen minutes, but the client wants to continue with the session, I cannot reimburse payment as I am then committed to the session and the time, energy and effort involved.

c) In some rare cases, however, if the session completes itself in say, thirty minutes, I will only charge half the session fee.

d) If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours, the client may re-book with me or receive a reimbursement in the full amount.

e) If a client cancels on the day of the appointment, I cannot reimburse payment unless it is a genuine emergency. There is a lot of trust involved here, on my part, but I will reimburse a client if such an emergency has occurred, no questions asked.

Through my Telephone Readings I am able to assist a great deal more people who may live thousands of miles away but can still receive my help in countries outside Canada such as the US and UK or from other Canadian provinces.

In this manner, distance is no object. So that you can understand this dialogue, people coming to me for Readings either in person or over the phone will be referred to as the “sitter” throughout this section.

For details of my fees and services please refer to my fees page

My Readings, whether over the phone or in person, offer personal guidance concerning your path in life, covering a wide range of issues whether material concerns such as career, emotional concerns such as relationships, or spiritual concerns such as your path in life.

Often the most important aspect of my Readings is my capacity to act as a medium for those loved-ones who have passed on to Spirit. More than anything else I do, the comfort this work gives to grieving people is the greatest blessing I can bestow upon fellow human beings. Most of us have experienced the hollow feeling of grief left by the loss of a loved one, but when I am able to bring evidential information through from that loved-one the enormous comfort and healing that comes to the sitter cannot be put into words. Children who have passed describe events, family trips, or personal toys to grief-stricken parents and give them the strength to go on with life in the knowledge that their child lives on and is waiting for them. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances come through to give messages of hope and comfort and to provide often outstanding evidence that there is no such thing as ‘death’. Animals such as beloved dogs, cats or horses will come and show me mental images of their life to prove that they of the animal kingdom also live on, and that survival is not confined to the human kingdom alone.

I have communicated messages from people who never spoke English in their Earth life, but can just as easily convey their intention, meaning, and their love to the sitter. In Spirit, language is no barrier, for feeling can always be conveyed because of its universality. It is the same with animals. Everyone who comes through my mediumship, whether they spoke a different language or whether they were an animal, will project thought-images of their Earth life and I act as the interpreter conveying these thoughts and emotions back to the person in need. I will do my utmost to get an accurate and detailed Reading. All that you have to do as the sitter is to just remain open-minded. I require absolutely no previous information about you, and the less I know the better. This makes for an accurate and unbiased Reading which I hope lends more weight to the evidence which comes through me from Spirit.

Having said all that, I also cannot guarantee who will come through, or even if I can reach everyone requested for in Spirit. Nonetheless, sometimes, if the 'connection' is proving difficult, I may ask the sitter to give me a name of the loved-one and then the connection usually becomes very strong. The reasons for difficulties in making connections are infinite, but if I can make a parallel between mediumship and a radio set with several stations, you may arrive at a clearer understanding of why this may be so. With a radio, we often have to fine tune it until we can get a good 'reception'. Even once the station is 'tuned in' it may still be difficult to maintain a clear reception all the time, and constant adjustments are made in order to continue receiving the clearest reception possible.

At the same time, loved-ones in Spirit are often extremely eager to convey their messages and not all of them are experienced at doing this. There can often be quite a crowd of them all hoping to reach the sitter. I, as the medium, am the radio set and I have to adjust myself so that the clearest possible reception is coming through. 'Interference' may disturb the flow of communication through me perhaps through a negative thought held in the mind of the sitter, or perhaps even through certain atmospheric influences acting on any particular day. These 'interferences' are normally minor and pass quickly, so do not let this trouble you. If you look at my Testimonials section you will see some samples that are self explanatory of the help I have been able to give to people. Mediumship is not quite an exact science, but I pride myself on being as accurate and as detailed as I possibly can and try to avoid giving 'vague' messages which are open to any interpretation. I work with compassion and understanding, knowing that what the sitter really needs is confirmation that the one they love still lives on and can be contacted and communicated with.

I recommend that you wait at least 6 months after the person you are seeking to reach has passed to Spirit. Most people require an adjustment period after they have passed and this will greatly improve communication between the person in Spirit and myself.
My aim is to provide as much verifiable information as possible, so that you will be able to confirm what has been said. It is very common that after a Reading, a family member can recognise an important piece of information that you may not have known about.
I am often able to give names of loved ones who have passed to Spirit and provide information such as what they did in their Earth life, or describe things that belonged to them. These things are for recognition purposes, and this is known as evidence.
Evidence refers to giving various proofs of the survival of the soul after physical death. The amount of information that I can provide will of course, vary from person to person. Sometimes, however, just one piece of striking information will provide ample evidence that I am in touch with the soul in question.
I will give my very best for you, and it is my sincerest desire to help you find the comfort and well-being that you seek.

A few notes here should be included on Clairvoyance. The distinction here is that I am utilising my abilities to access past, present and future trends, depending on the need of the sitter at the time.
Clairvoyance means 'clear seeing' and the concept is that, by accessing the hidden realms of being, I can help the sitter to gain clarity over their situation. This can and often does include predictions as well as guidance and advice. Counselling and Clairvoyance will often go hand-in-hand as the two are intertwined.
Please note that predictions should never be regarded as 'set in stone' whether by me or by any other clairvoyant. My experience is that the future is much more flexible and malleable than most people think. I tend to see trends, given the current state of consciousness of the sitter and those around them. As we change, evolve and make efforts in our life by being pro-active, the future shapes itself accordingly.
To this day, many of my past clients email me to confirm the accuracy of my predictions. Nevertheless, you must remember that the future holds alternatives according to the choices that you make. Remember that we do have free will, and without that, we would only be victims of circumstance.
Many people's lives do not change much, and that's fine if you don't want it to, but if you do want to change things, then it is imperative that you become pro-active in your life in order to effect the changes that you would like to have. A guru once said, "If you stay at home in your room and do nothing, then nothing will happen!"

In Clairvoyant Readings I aim to see into the future trends that are coming. Only time can reveal the accuracy of these predictions, so you have to be patient and not discount things. Also, if you desire a certain outcome, then you must be positively pro-active in the direction in question. Nothing 'just happens' without our personal intention first. I will often assist clients with Law of Attraction techniques to achieve their goals.
I do not offer information on things such as soul-contracts with other people or karmic connections or past lifetimes. Although these can all be factual, they are difficult to prove as absolutely true. Unless there was some evidential information to support such statements, it is always an area difficult to fully verify.
Finally, you must recognise your own personal responsibility for the quality of the Reading. I have vast experience in this field and cannot be held responsible for anyone's failure to attain the future that they want. My purpose is only as a sign-post pointing the way. I cannot walk the path for you.
I will give my very best for you, and it is my sincerest desire to help you find the comfort well-being and success that you seek.

Law of Attraction
Increasingly, I find that I need to use Law of Attraction techniques with a large number of my clients; the reason for this is that having given thousands of Readings over the years, I continually see that many clients fail to see where they are not helping themselves by their poor choices or attitudes. Some people think that the future will just 'happen' or that if they don't do anything pro-active (such as actively looking for a job or relationship) that somehow these things will just appear.
I will give you the tools that will absolutely work for you, under this universal Law of Attraction. I will give you examples from my own life too. You will also need to work on your core beliefs in order to effect real changes in your life. I will show you how. Nothing else will change until YOU change.
The Law of Attraction is an absolute law, which works continually, through all time and all through history, now and in the future. It is the Law of Cause and Effect. As Jesus told us, "You shall reap what you have sown" which applies equally to the Law of Attraction as well as your Karma. But Karma too is malleable, and the Law of Attraction can help you to modify or even nullify some of its effects.
Everything that you experience is connected directly to what you feel about what you are thinking about. What you focus on with intent, is the emotion that carries the vibration of all that you attract.
I lecture regularly on the subject of Law of Attraction, which you will find under my Events page called Manifesting Your Reality. The tools that I can give you will change your life, as they have mine.
If you want to learn more about Law of Attraction, please indicate that this is the subject that you want to work with, and we can set up an appointment based solely on this theme.
As with all my Readings, Clairvoyance and Counselling can also be incorporated into a Law of Attraction Reading.

I shall look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your life path, hoping that I may be able to bring comfort and illumination into your life.

Readings work just as well over the phone, as distance is no object. Please click the link below to make a request for a Telephone Reading. You may also request a Skype or FaceTime Reading.

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