Spiritual Counselling

Due to the increasing need of the many clients who come to me with vital issues which concern the nature of life after death and how to live spiritually here whilst on Earth, I have devised my own method of counselling based on a lifetime of experience in the spiritual and metaphysical spheres. This form of counselling is unique to me and I have termed it Spiritual Counselling because the spiritual element of the individual is at the heart of this work.

Refund Policy
For all my different services listed below, I do have a Refund Policy, with some discretion and flexibility, depending on the nature of the refund and the circumstances involved. Examples are below:

a) If, after a maximum of fifteen minutes, I feel that the connection between the client and myself is not compatible, I will offer to terminate the session at no cost, and will send a refund (via PayPal for telephone sessions) and not accept payment for in-person sessions.

b)If a session has gone over the specified fifteen minutes, but the client wants to continue with the session, I cannot reimburse payment as I am then committed to the session and the time, energy and effort involved.

c) In some rare cases, however, if the session completes itself in say, thirty minutes, I will only charge half the session fee.

d) If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours, the client may re-book with me or receive a reimbursement in the full amount.

e) If a client cancels on the day of the appointment, I cannot reimburse payment unless it is a genuine emergency. There is a lot of trust involved here, on my part, but I will reimburse a client if such an emergency has occurred, no questions asked.

I conduct Spiritual Counselling for people who are able to come to me in person at my home in Qualicum Beach, B.C, Vancouver Island in Canada, and Spiritual Counselling Telephone Readings for those who live at a distance, either in other parts of Canada or abroad. My Telephone Readings work just as well as in-person Readings and are just as accurate and comforting.

I am able to answer the many and varied questions that most people will have concerning the meaning of their life and its vast implications for the overall evolution of their soul whilst in this particular incarnation. Through this work I am equipped to shed much light and bring relief to those who need important answers concerning their personal lives and relationships, working towards understanding them better and ultimately healing them and coming to terms with them.

I will build up a psychological analysis of the client and utilise my gift of clairvoyance to see deeper into the psyche of the individual which ordinary counselling work is unable to do. This is therefore a most unique service which can unravel many of the painful blocks that people often have in their life and bring them to a point of liberation from these blockages.

I will often suggest certain meditation techniques which are vital in helping the individual to integrate their personality and develop their soul qualities amongst other suggested practices which can be used throughout the daily life. It is also important to recognise that this type of work is different from my Clairvoyant Readings and Mediumship in that I will be concentrating on the personal spiritual integration of the client in depth. If you have had conventional counselling in the past and it has failed you, or you have been thinking of having it in the future, do consider Spiritual Counselling as the best next step ahead along the road of progress in this life path.

Another important part os Spiritual Counselling is the Law of Attraction and I will use the techniques of Law of Attraction to guide you further. I will give you indispensable tools and techniques that can dramatically shift your focus and intention which can lead to major and positive life changes.

Spiritual Counselling may be conducted either in-person or over the phone, so distance need not be a barrier.

For details of my fees please refer to my fees page

Please click the link below to make a request for a Telephone Reading. Alternatively, you may request a Skype or FaceTime Reading for Spiritual Counselling.

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