Medical Intuition and Healing

Please note: I do not operate an emergency service, and am not 'on call' outside of the hours of operation as stated on the Home page. All appointments need to be booked in advance, as I do not take appointments at short notice.

Refund Policy
For all my different services, I do have a Refund Policy, with some discretion and flexibility, depending on the nature of the refund and the circumstances involved. Examples are below:

a) If, after a maximum of fifteen minutes, I feel that the connection between the client and myself is not compatible, I will offer to terminate the session at no cost, and will send a refund (via PayPal for telephone sessions) and not accept payment for in-person sessions.

b)If a session has gone over the specified fifteen minutes, but the client wants to continue with the session, I cannot reimburse payment as I am then committed to the session and the time, energy and effort involved.

c) In some rare cases, however, if the session completes itself in say, thirty minutes, I will only charge half the session fee.

d) If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours, the client may re-book with me or receive a reimbursement in the full amount.

e) If a client cancels on the day of the appointment, I cannot reimburse payment unless it is a genuine emergency. There is a lot of trust involved here, on my part, but I will reimburse a client if such an emergency has occurred, no questions asked.

I conduct Medical Intuition for people who are able to come to me in person at my home in Qualicum Beach, B.C, Vancouver Island, Canada, and Medical Intuitive Telephone Readings for those who live at a distance, either in other parts of Canada or abroad. My Telephone Readings work just as well as in-person Readings and are just as accurate.

A Typical Medical Intuition Session
On first coming to see me, either by phone, Skype or in-person, I will help the client to get themselves into a relaxed frame of mind with some deep breathing exercises and a short, simple visualisation. This should take about five minutes. I find that this helps the client to be in the right mental space and facilitates the conductivity of my intuitive faculties.
If someone is 'blocked' with negative thoughts, such as anger or anxiety for example, and brings that into the session, it may interfere with the quality of the Reading. If I sense that the client is acting unreasonably or in a way that may not be conducive to the session, I may have to terminate the Reading. (Please see my Refund Policy above)

I will then begin to ‘read’ the current (and often the past) health condition of the client and thus sense where the seat of imbalance may reside. This is the aspect of my clairvoyant work which is termed Medical Intuition. Using this faculty I will sketch out on paper any relevant images that I perceive, including the areas which I am able to sense as being in need of restoration and healing.

It is important to recognise that the physical body itself is temporary, and is in fact nothing more than a conglomerate of energies which reside at much deeper levels of being. All physical disease is a result of such energies becoming imbalanced in some way. My aim is to help the body restore itself so that the inner being, the real 'you' can gain the strength to work on deeper causative factors.

When I work, I may talk to the client in terms of 'energy' levels, perhaps describing energy depletion, or stagnation for example. It is important to understand that I am tuning in to levels that are below the threshold of physical consciousness, and therefore are only truly comprehended at the clairvoyant level.
I will often sense where pain lies in the body or sense various other symptoms as I ‘tune in’ to the patient and become en-rapport with their current condition.

Physical organs associated with the energies that flow through the body from subtle levels, will reflect the energetic imbalances presented. A simple example may be that issues with the liver can reflect inner angst, and frustration and bottled-up anger that causes liver imbalances. Other factors too, can be dietary abuses which also contribute to liver disease states.
So we can have several factors, being diet, emotional issues, physical injuries and spiritual factors, which contribute to ill-health. I do my best to connect these factors up so that the overall picture is seen and the client can work on making positive changes.

The body itself is molded at the atomic level, the cellular level and the organic and systemic level from the emotions and the mind. Your physical form is created by you from moment to moment by waves of emotion that pass through it and mold the cellular and atomic components of the body. Your thoughts on a day to day basis are either destructive or constructive to the body, for every pattern in the body is woven from the fibre of thought.

I consider it to be of the utmost importance to regularly employ spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and healthy dietary choices, including broader lifestyles changes if you want to feel optimally well.
I can assist my clients over an extended period with Follow-Up Medical Intuition sessions, Meditation Instruction, Spiritual Counselling and Law of Attraction teachings.

"The physical body is a condensation of emotional and mental vibration" - Stephen Austen

Follow-up Medical Intuition

(in-person or via Telephone, Skype or FaceTime)

Once I have seen a client for a Medical Intuition session, either in-person or remotely, I always make a recommendation to follow the guidelines given in the initial consultation. I suggest that the client works with the protocol that I have given them, for at least three months, until they need to have any follow-up sessions.

If something should come up that needs addressing before the three month period, you may consult with me once again, accordingly. For all such follow-up sessions I offer 30 minute Medical Intuition sessions. (Please see my fees page for the pricing). You may have follow-up Medical Intuition sessions as frequently as the need arises.
This service covers in-person clients, as well as remote clients including those in other countries.

Please note that if a separate issue arises that is likely to constitute a full 1 Hour Medical Intuition session, please be advised that in order to cover the allotted time, a 1 hour session will be in order.

Please ensure that you have your health questions prepared for me, as this will save time during this 30-minute session.

Everyone who comes to me for Medical Intuition in person or over the telephone is added to my Distant Healing list also. Please see more about Distant Healing below.


Healing treatments are only available after a client has had a Medical Intuitive session.

There have been many names given to the practice of healing such as the ‘laying on of hands’, but it is an ancient art linked to disciplined spiritual practices and has thus passed down through the centuries very much still in its original form. The greatest healer who comes to mind is of course, the person of Jesus, who taught his disciples how to utilise this great art. Many healers, such as myself, work in the etheric matter which interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body of the recipient. As a healer, my work involves a combination of the laying on of hands (as in physical contact with the body) as well as bringing through higher spiritual energies via the etheric body and chakras (vortices of energy located at specific points within the etheric body) and channelling these energies into the patient’s auric space to assist in restoring balance which can lead directly to restored health. Therefore, as the healer, I utilise very light physical hand contact (non-manipulative) in combination with my hands manipulating the energy field above and beyond the physical body. I believe that the energy channelled via the healer has its roots in a Divine Source, but the recipient need not have any personal spiritual or religious beliefs to benefit from it.

In my healing work many of my patients report feeling heat or cold sensations, tingling, vibrations, or other subtle phenomena as they receive the healing energy even though I am not always physically touching them. Many see brilliant colours or experience some other type of visionary phenomena, rather like experiences encountered during meditation.

1) Free Distant Healing
The general Distant Healing is a FREE service which is carried out daily for all who request it, normally lasting a few minutes at the end of the daily meditations that Carla and I perform together.
If you would like to have your name or another placed on the Free Distant Healing list, we will do this gladly, free of charge if you send an email request to us for ‘Free Distant Healing’.
The Free Distant Healing via Carla and myself, is sent out regularly every day and results from this free service can be astounding wherever you or your loved-ones or friends may be in the world. This service includes animals too. As long as the intention to heal is there, the energy of healing may flow.

Results of my healing work can vary, and no promise or guarantee of a cure is given anymore than a doctor can promise a cure for any particular condition. Yet remarkable results can and do happen, and no one is more surprised than me. Healing continues to amaze me and so I am compelled to continue my work as a healer because I consistently see the positive results which come from it. My background as a healer goes back almost 40 years; I was the youngest healer registered with the UK’s largest healing organisation, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) and I also have an extensive background knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology as well as studying Herbal Medicine extensively in an academic capacity for 6 years.

It is important for the client to recognise that I will not interfere with any medications that the patient may be taking, either mainstream orthodox medication or otherwise, including any other treatments that the client may be receiving. I believe that people should always be free to try other modes of help from the various healing professions which exist, so that they may find the method(s) which work best for them. However, if the patient works with me my healing work can achieve remarkable results which are not always explainable by conventional means.


Stephen Austen is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Stephen offers his opinions based on his intuition, and his energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments.

Stephen does not diagnose but offers intuitive information based on energy imbalances in the body. He then offers dietary and lifestyle changing solutions that will enable the client to take charge of their own health.

Any nutritional or herbal recommendations offered are for educational purposes only. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. As in traditional medicine, there are no guarantees with medical intuition, or energy healing.

Animals & Children In addition, I use the same Medical Intuitive faculties for reading the health of animals and children. A client may come to me in-person and I will read the animal or child's health through the client. I also do this regularly over the telephone with equal facility. So although animals and small children can become restless and agitated, we need not trouble them by having them present; I can read them at a distance and provide all the information necessary.

For details of my fees please refer to my fees page

Medical Intuition works just as well over the phone, as distance is no object. Please click the link below to make a request for a Medical Intuition Telephone Reading.

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