Important notice
Please be aware that Healing treatments are only available for those people who have first had a Medical Intuitive session with me.

Healing is conducted at my home location in Qualicum Beach, BC

Location: My home address. I will supply this on making your appointment.
Morning Appointments: 9am to 12:30pm (Last morning appointment is at 12pm)
Afternoon Appointments: 1:30pm to 5pm (Last afternoon appointment is at 4:30pm)

Appointment times are every half-hour.

For details of my fees please refer to my fees page

Those eligible for healing: anyone who has chronic or acute pain, cancer, joint and mobility problems, or other condition of any description which requires regular and consistent healing treatments on a weekly basis. Emotional pain such as grief or other emotional trauma will also come under this category. Anyone who has a long or short term illness, life-threatening condition, constant pain or some disability or injury that prevents them from functioning at their best is welcome. If you are unsure, please contact me and describe your condition.

Please bear in mind that each treatment is half-an-hour long. I will not be able to conduct my usual fully comprehensive Medical Intuition on anyone for these follow-up treatments due to the limited time frame involved. However, I will supply certain Medical Intuitive information to the client as it arises during the actual Healing treatment. It is vital that clients recognise that in order to obtain an adjustment in their health, more than one treatment may be necessary. I strongly recommend a minimum of 4 treatments on a weekly basis for most conditions in order to get the best from the Healing treatments.

Important notice
All patients are requested that they do not wear any fragrance of any type, including deodorants, fragrances from laundry detergents, including clothing that may contain these, hairsprays or gels due to the sensitivities of other clients.

Please note: daily Free Distant Healing will continue to be sent to anyone who requests it. Please just supply your name or the name of the person requesting Distant Healing and it will be sent out daily.