Clairvoyant Mediumship

I conduct Clairvoyant Readings and/or Mediumship for people who are able to come to me in person at my home in Qualicum Beach, B.C, Vancouver Island in Canada, and Telephone Readings either for Clairvoyance or Mediumship or a combination of both, for those who live at a distance, either in other parts of Canada or abroad. My Telephone Readings work just as well as in-person Readings and are just as accurate and comforting.

Refund Policy
For all my different services listed below, I do have a Refund Policy, with some discretion and flexibility, depending on the nature of the refund and the circumstances involved. Examples are below:

a) If, after a maximum of fifteen minutes, I feel that the connection between the client and myself is not compatible, I will offer to terminate the session at no cost, and will send a refund (via PayPal for telephone sessions) and not accept payment for in-person sessions.

b)If a session has gone over the specified fifteen minutes, but the client wants to continue with the session, I cannot reimburse payment as I am then committed to the session and the time, energy and effort involved.

c) In some rare cases, however, if the session completes itself in say, thirty minutes, I will only charge half the session fee.

d) If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours, the client may re-book with me or receive a reimbursement in the full amount.

e) If a client cancels on the day of the appointment, I cannot reimburse payment unless it is a genuine emergency. There is a lot of trust involved here, on my part, but I will reimburse a client if such an emergency has occurred, no questions asked.

Often the most important aspect of my Readings is my capacity to act as a medium for those loved-ones who have passed on to Spirit. More than anything else I do, the comfort this work gives to grieving people is the greatest blessing I can bestow upon fellow human beings. Most of us have experienced the hollow feeling of grief left by the loss of a loved one, but when I am able to bring evidential information through from that loved-one the enormous comfort and healing that comes to the sitter cannot be put into words. Children who have passed describe events, family trips, or personal toys to grief-stricken parents and give them the strength to go on with life in the knowledge that their child lives on and is waiting for them. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances come through to give messages of hope and comfort and to provide often outstanding evidence that there is no such thing as ‘death’. Animals such as beloved dogs, cats or horses will come and show me mental images of their life to prove that they of the animal kingdom also live on, and that survival is not confined to the human kingdom alone.

I have communicated messages from people who never spoke English in their Earth life, but can just as easily convey their intention, meaning, and their love to the sitter. In Spirit, language is no barrier, for feeling can always be conveyed because of its universality. It is the same with animals. Everyone who comes through my mediumship, whether they spoke a different language or whether they were an animal, will project thought-images of their Earth life and I act as the interpreter conveying these thoughts and emotions back to the person in need. I will do my utmost to get an accurate and detailed Reading. All that you have to do as the sitter is to just remain open-minded. I require absolutely no previous information about you, and the less I know the better. This makes for an accurate and unbiased Reading which I hope lends more weight to the evidence which comes through me from Spirit.

Having said all that, I also cannot guarantee who will come through, or even if I can reach everyone requested for in Spirit. Nonetheless, sometimes, if the 'connection' is proving difficult, I may ask the sitter to give me a name of the loved-one and then the connection usually becomes very strong. The reasons for difficulties in making connections are infinite, but if I can make a parallel between mediumship and a radio set with several stations, you may arrive at a clearer understanding of why this may be so. With a radio, we often have to fine tune it until we can get a good 'reception'. Even once the station is 'tuned in' it may still be difficult to maintain a clear reception all the time, and constant adjustments are made in order to continue receiving the clearest reception possible.

At the same time, loved-ones in Spirit are often extremely eager to convey their messages and not all of them are experienced at doing this. There can often be quite a crowd of them all hoping to reach the sitter. I, as the medium, am the radio set and I have to adjust myself so that the clearest possible reception is coming through. 'Interference' may disturb the flow of communication through me perhaps through a negative thought held in the mind of the sitter, or perhaps even through certain atmospheric influences acting on any particular day. These 'interferences' are normally minor and pass quickly, so do not let this trouble you. If you look at my Testimonials section you will see some samples that are self explanatory of the help I have been able to give to people. Mediumship is not quite an exact science, but I pride myself on being as accurate and as detailed as I possibly can and try to avoid giving 'vague' messages which are open to any interpretation. I work with compassion and understanding, knowing that what the sitter really needs is confirmation that the one they love still lives on and can be contacted and communicated with.

I recommend that you wait at least 6 months after the person you are seeking to reach has passed to Spirit. Most people require an adjustment period after they have passed and this will greatly improve communication between the person in Spirit and myself.
My aim is to provide as much verifiable information as possible, so that you will be able to confirm what has been said. It is very common that after a Reading, a family member can recognise an important piece of information that you may not have known about.
I am often able to give names of loved ones who have passed to Spirit and provide information such as what they did in their Earth life, or describe things that belonged to them. These things are for recognition purposes, and this is known as evidence.
Evidence refers to giving various proofs of the survival of the soul after physical death. The amount of information that I can provide will of course, vary from person to person. Sometimes, however, just one piece of striking information will provide ample evidence that I am in touch with the soul in question.
I will give my very best for you, and it is my sincerest desire to help you find the comfort and well-being that you seek.

My Readings offer personal guidance which can range from mundane problems such as your material concerns such as work, finances, etc to emotional problems like difficult relationships, to the more spiritual dimension regarding one's path in life. I will not, and cannot tell you what to do, but only offer the guidance as I see it clairvoyantly speaking, and allow you the client, to make your own choices. The way in which I work is to help you to provide your own answers.

Primarily, I am concerned with acting as a medium for those who have passed to the Spiritual dimension. I consider that this is the most important aspect of my clairvoyant work. Through this service I am able to provide evidence that there is life after death, and through that knowledge bring great comfort to grieving loved-ones. My philosophy behind this is that there cannot be any greater knowledge that can be given to mankind than proof of survival of death, especially in this age of intense materialism and the decline of organised religion.

To my experience, life after the death of the physical body is a proven fact and a part of Nature as surely as the Law of Gravity. Whether you believe in any kind of God or not is irrelevant to this Truth, as you will live on after physical death regardless of belief systems.

My aim is to prove beyond doubt that our consciousness does indeed survive mortality and that we exist as fully conscious beings outside of the physical. This work helps not only the bereaved, but also those who have passed from the physical dimension. Therefore my service exists on two planes of being simultaneously. Having received evidence of the survival of loved-ones, my hope is that you, the client, will become more inclined to live a better and nobler life and spread the truth of existence beyond physical death. It is perhaps, this singular knowledge of spiritual survival that will lead mankind back to his/her natural spiritual state in which we strive to improve the lot of others and hence the entire world.

In coming to me for a Clairvoyant Reading either in person or via my telephone service, it is very important that you tell me as little about yourself as possible so that my conscious mind does not colour the reading with any preconceived notions. Although I am essentially left in the dark, I am able to present more convincing evidence in this way.

For details of my fees please refer to my fees page

Clairvoyant Reading works just as well over the phone, as distance is no object. Please click the link below to make a request for a Clairvoyant Telephone Reading.

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