Testimonials for Medical Intuition and Healing

Corina V. Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Hi Stephen (and Carla),

I just wanted to send you a quick update on my daughter Adriana’s health….after having reoccurring daily headaches for a year and a half and waking up at night with headaches I’m thrilled to inform you that after 3 months of gluten free/dairy free diet and some Auto Immune diet she is a brand new 6-year-old!

We can’t thank you enough for recommending these changes and suggesting that she might have the beginning stages of Leaky Gut - after seeing countless specialists, Ear Nose and Throat doctors, Neurologists, acupuncture, etc. you were the only one that pointed this out and felt she might have inflammation because of gluten sensitivity.

Stephen you are such an amazing intuitive spirit and I’m so grateful that I somehow stumbled across your website late one night when I was absolutely desperate and had no idea how to make my baby better.
From the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU for giving us back our fun, playful and happy daughter and she can finally enjoy school activities and sleep peacefully through the night!

Wishing you and Carla all the best, God bless both of you!


J.T. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I would like to express my thanks for the services I have received from Stephen Austen, including medical intuition, healing sessions and a clairvoyant session. It became evident almost immediately in the medical intuition session that Stephen was truly gifted. He zoned in right away on my health issues and I did not share any of my symptoms with him. He then provided me with suggestions that I integrated into my healing plan, which I found helpful, and some were quite remarkable.

After the medical intuitive session I had a healing session, followed by another session a few weeks later. In the first session, I requested help with a personal relationship, and after my session with Stephen Austen, my encounter with this relative was the best it had been in a long time. After the second session some of my greater health issues improved significantly. While this could have been something to do with new remedies I was trying, I believe that Stephen's energy had something to do with the healing as well, as I had been suffering for years with some of these issues.

Equally as powerful as the other sessions, if not more so, was the clairvoyant reading Stephen Austen did for me. I asked Stephen a list of very direct questions about my immediate future and health. He had told me that my health would improve in leaps and bounds. It has been about four months since my reading, and I have done just that, after having been really struggling health-wise for a few years when I first contacted Stephen. What was most profound is that in the reading, which took place in October, Stephen told me I would know where I would be moving to by January. He said it was most important to my health that I find a place that was more conducive to supporting my medical needs. It was interesting, because I was not planning on moving for almost a year, although I really did want to move. But, just as Stephen had prophesied, I did end up moving and finding a place on the mainland, and I signed the lease on December 30th - just before January as Stephen had foreseen. Furthermore, I continued to improve health-wise during the move, which was a busy time.

I hope to continue to work with Stephen Austen as I find he has a great, positive energy that leaves me feeling better physically and spiritually after my calls with him, and there is no question in my mind that he has a true and powerful gift. Thank you Stephen, and thanks to Carla too, for your support.


Shari H, British Columbia, Canada

I am one of those people who found Stephen at a time of great need. Through his intuitive ability he gave me answers and recommendations I still follow today with great results. With an incredible accuracy he was able to " see " my present stage of health, he could precisely assess my emotions directly linked to my health issues. He suggested several things regarding my health, which I have followed religiously and I have also researched the literature he recommended. It all made so much sense and helped me greatly.
I have used Stephen's services more than once, including his "insight" on my business and financial issues. His accuracy blew me away and I still pull out the papers and the CD's  he recorded for me, as his  predictions are showing in my reality.

One day  I "accidentally" met  Stephen in person while walking. We politely exchanged "how are you," and when I -  by the way - mentioned to Stephen that my father is not himself, Stephen told me out of the blue just to go and see my dad. It was not  the ordinary recommendation; there was an URGENCY in his voice which got my attention. Stephen repeated several times to go and see my dad "now." So even though it was inconvenient for me, as my dad lived overseas and I had several other things on the go, I came home deeply thinking about Stephen's words.

Within a week I was on the plane and shortly after I was in my dad's arms. My dad looked good; a bit weak, but good. Medical tests showed everything was regular, no problems at all. So I spent two weeks  with him, mostly refreshing "good old times. " Then, three weeks after my return back to Canada I got devastating news: my dad was just diagnosed with  pancreatic cancer. Suddenly it was clear to me why Stephen urged me to go. His incredible psychic and medical intuition allowed him to give me a priceless gift : time with  my dad.  How could Stephen possibly KNOW what even doctors did not know then ? How could he "see" what anybody else could not ??? 

I do not believe that there are accidents out there. I believe that Stephen was "sent" my way at the perfect time and for that I will be forever grateful. And I look up to Stephen  even more than before. Not only that  he is very professional, he is also a very caring person with lots of integrity, motivated to help others with their personal journey. Stephen has an AMAZING intuitive gift and I am lucky to know him.     

Shari H. , British Columbia

Peter Hartman, B.C. Canada

Dear Stephen,
I wish to express my gratitude to you with regard to my Medical Intuition Session followed by my Healing Sessions that I had with you. You have received an amazing intuitive gift from God. Adding to this your life devotion and life knowledge made me feel very comfortable during our sessions.  Drawing out the parts of my body on paper that needed attention was just mind blowing for me. You then took time to explain to me what you felt was the problem and also gave me several solutions that I could incorporate into my life style that would help me correct my health issues. It was very gratifying for me to hear all of this in plain simple English that I easily understood. I am still at awe that you have the ability to see what was going on in my body without knowing anything about me. The best part is that you also offer Healing Sessions that go hand in hand once you know what the health problem is and I am glad that I also did do these Sessions with you.  You offer a complete package. Identification of the problem as well as healing sessions to correct the problem. Very importantly you also suggested things that I could do to maintain my  good health on an ongoing basis. In my opinion this is very important because we each have to do our part to make it all work. 
I am totally grateful for all that you have done for me regarding my health. I now feel great ! You are an amazing person, gentle, kind, understanding, compassionate. It was an absolute pleasure to do this with you. I would highly recommend you to everyone seeking this type of healing. 
Thank You so Much again !
Peter Hartman
B.C. Canada

Danielle Marcoux, Victoria, BC, Canada

Stephen, I want to say 'thank you' again!! Those words are all I know of to express my gratitude to you, but they do not come anywhere close to how much I mean it and they do not come close to being enough, considering what you have done for me.

Just so you know, my life (health) has been transformed in the greatest possible of ways. It's so amazing and I want to feel this great forever!! I've longed to feel this way for so many years that a part of me is scared it might go away and I will feel ill again. I knew I had been ill for many years and I have felt awful on most days. But, I didn't realize the extent of how bad it was until feeling as amazing as I do now.

As you know I have spent the last seven years seeking help from doctors and dermatologists’ trying to figure out what has been wrong with me. Nothing good has EVER come from it and I have had countless tests run on me and wasted oodles of money on products. They all eventually just threw up their hands with no explanation or care to continue finding answers for my unhealthy state.

Now because of you, my skin, stomach, nervous system and energy levels have all improved, dramatically. The pain in my neck, back and shoulders from my car accident is gone - this is truly a miracle!! Those injuries have weighed me down with severe pain on a daily basis for the past 16 months and made me feel like I was ninety years old, when I'm only twenty six.

Since I saw you for the visit I have been able to do full 1 hour runs a week with absolute full energy and stamina during and after the exercise, and no noticeable pain in the days after. I haven't exercised at all since my car accident in January of 2010.

I feel 'normal' again, just like a regular being with a regular body, who can do whatever I please, without such a long list of limitations.

I used to be so sick, everyday I struggled to do anything. I couldn't think straight, my body hurt, I caught flu's and cold's really easily, my skin was terrible and it was so bad that people (including customers of mine) used to ask me if I was okay and say that they felt sorry for me because I looked so ill. This was unbelievably embarrassing for me to go through and it destroyed my self-esteem. And this is all stuff I experienced even before my major car accident which made my state ten times worse.

Now, I do get tired after exerting **LARGE** amounts of energy (but I have more now, so I'm using way more energy than I ever could before) and I would like to see if this is something your healing might help with? I'm not sure if it's my adrenal glands or my liver needing to be detoxified more? Because everything is so wonderful compared to how it was, I'm not all that worried about it. But, I would love more energy and really...who wouldn't. When I used to nap it would often end up being a 3 or 4 hour nap, even though I only intended to sleep for 1 hour. Now I nap occasionally (maybe once a week - it used to be every day), but when my alarm goes off I get up easier and I feel ready to go again.

My friend recommended you to me about one year ago because she had gone down the same dead end road with medical doctors trying to get herself better and she said you healed her. I don't know why I didn't listen to her then and see you right away. I had become totally frustrated and felt hopeless that I couldn't bear to hear anyone else tell me, 'there was nothing they could do'. But, I deeply regret not seeing you sooner.

My friend said it best when she described you to me and she said, 'Stephen has a true gift.' And now I know exactly what she meant and I believe in you and your gift with great conviction.

Thank you from the bottom of heart!!


Danielle Marcoux

Thora Iling, Victoria, BC, Canada

Dear Stephen:

I am grateful for your help as a medical intuitive. Your insights are extraordinary. It's a rare gift to be able to meet a client and see from inner sight specific physical manifestations and to be able to understand and explain the spiritual causes.

I had no idea my liver was malfunctioning but I am following your recommendations on herbal supplements, nutrition and meditation and I can see improvement in my general health. I come away from your healing sessions greatly re-energized. Thank you for being in Victoria!

Thora Illing, Victoria, BC Canada

Rachel Greene as an article on the “Livin’ Greene” section of Monday Magazine, Victoria, BC

I’ve been simultaneously fascinated and freaked out at the idea of meeting with a medical intuitive but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Stephen put me at ease straight away with a brief explanation of how he worked and what was going to happen. The reading itself was focused on what he could ‘see’ the state of my internal organs/body systems being, followed by recommendations on how to find solutions through nutrition and herbal medicine, meditation and relaxation. Stephen then also completed a healing session working on the energy centers in my etheric body.

Would I try it again?
Yes. Stephen accurately identified a couple of issues I have been experiencing symptoms of without any prompting. He was also able to clearly explain how my current mental/emotional state is physically manifesting and affecting my body and, give advice on proactive and preventative measures to assist in recovery and healing.

Yvette Kelly, Victoria, BC

Dear Stephen,

I have been involved in Nursing as a Registered Nurse and Post Graduate in Neurology and Neurosurgical Nursing for many years before coming to see you. I was always open to alternative practices regarding the care and health of the body.

I find myself so very fortunate to be able to celebrate my first year of healing from Ovarian Cancer with metastasis, having visited you for a Medical Intuitive Reading back in November 2007. At the time, you stated that you could see a small mass in my liver which you thought might be benign and encouraged me to see my G.P. which I did, and to my relief, blood tests and physical examination that followed confirmed your findings, that this was in fact benign.

I always listen to my body and I detected something unusual in the right side of my body which turned out to be a metastasis to the liver, being located on the surrounding serous membrane or cover, of the liver. My oncologist placed me on another course of chemotherapy being the same as I received during my first cycle after surgery.

Oh, how I wish that I had known you the first time around with the chemotherapy because the second time was incredible with regards to recovering after each session with so much energy and a zest for life, due to the regular healing sessions with you, as well as making some necessary changes in my life to get where I am today.

I would and do encourage anyone who is going through treatment for cancer to really consider visiting you, Stephen, because the difference is night and day regarding the recovery. I so enjoyed my talks with you since they established a feeling of confidence with you as well as respect for your intelligence, knowledge, calmness and caring as I reached out for your help. I have changed in a number of respects in my life and as far as I am concerned for my betterment. I thank you for your encouragement and intend to keep you in my life.

With appreciation and thanks,
Yvette Kelly
Victoria, BC

Kate Bliss, The Philippines

I was living in Honduras at the time when I started experiencing pain immediately after relieving my bladder. Thinking it was nothing for some time and just putting up with the pain I didn't bother to seek medical help until I arrived back in Australia some months later.

After seeing three regular doctors, an acupuncturist, homeopathy specialist, a kinesiologist, a reiki master, a naturopath, an energy healer and two renal specialists, I had no answers to the problem. I took the medication I had been given by the renal specialists but the problem was getting progressively worse.

And so it went on until I could barely walk from the toilet to my bed due to the extreme pain. This almost caused the end of my relationship with my Canadian partner until he convinced me to go to Canada and seek help there.

I searched for someone who could give me an answer. Another doctor, another renal specialist with more expensive medication and tests and a hypnotherapist later... I had seen "The Secret" on video and using the law of attraction, decided to try to draw someone to me that could offer real help. Everyday I would think about meeting someone who could diagnose my problem. Within two weeks I had found Stephen's flyer in Lifestyles, which stated that he was a medical clairvoyant. I made an appointment with him. At this point I was willing to try anything.

I showed up for the appointment believing that Stephens’ skills sounded too good to be true. To my amazement Stephen was able to see that I had a kidney problem through Medical Intuition almost as soon as I walked into the consultation room without me even mentioning it.

Stephen's diagnosis of my kidney problem was 100% accurate and within 6 weeks of following the suggested course of herbal medication, I was feeling better. Medical Intuition can really work...if only I had known this fact much, much sooner.

I suddenly had a new pain free life. For the first time in two years I felt happy and my relationship with my partner improved.

Since I was born with an underdeveloped kidney Stephen provides ongoing advice regarding the care of my kidney. When I am back in Canada, I always go for a check up and a course of his amazing healing sessions to maintain all the good work. Also I know that if I have a problem, Stephen is only a phone call away. I could not live the life I lead today if it weren't for Stephen and his extraordinary medical intuition skills. I currently live happy and pain free in the Philippines.

Pat Pleasance, Tunbridge Wells, England

Dear Stephen,

Do you remember that when we were doing the meditation classes at Wadhurst one day I was very worried about my eyesight? You did a short healing on it for me. When I went for my eye test in 1999 I was told I had a cataract developing in my left eye, and had the impression that I would have to have an op in a matter of months. In 2000 I was told I had cataracts coming in both eyes, although I should not worry too much as it was a haze that comes from ageing. However when I went for my test this year (2001) I was told that one eye was completely clear and the other had a tiny speck in it. I said that I didn't think cataracts did get better, and the man said "They don't, usually!"

I think there was more than one problem with my eyes and amongst other things I had over-strained them badly while I was finishing the work for my degree. Also the Doctor reckoned I had an allergy and gave me drops which certainly helped with the inflammation. But whilst they are not perfect, I can now read normally and do everything else I need to do.

So a big thank you for what you did!

Deborah Williams, East Sussex, England

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for coming to help Creole with all her long standing problems, both mental and physical.

After your first visit the changes that started to happen were quite extraordinary from the relaxation in her tail and hindquarters to her more relaxed and happier state of mind. Things have gone on improving ever since and by the end of your fourth visit she was like a different horse.

In the school her trot work has improved and is much more rhythmical and 'bigger' which is great for dressage, and her canter work, always her biggest problem, is improving all the time. The next big challenge will be to see if she will jump again, but I know I have to wait a while before I try that to let the healing go on and do its work.

Also I would like to thank you for being so wonderfully kind and gentle with Creole, she is a funny old thing and doesn't usually trust strangers, but she took to you straight away and was always totally relaxed and very happy at the end of each treatment.

Many thanks again for all you have done.