Testimonials for Readings

Liana Stenset, Fort St. James, BC Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading)

Hello Carla and Stephen,

I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful reading. I can't help but think to myself how funny it is the way things come together sometimes. I realize that it was just over a year ago when I first had gotten a hold of Carla, funny, I cannot seem to remember how we made that happen as I didn't have a pc at the time, but I do remember Carla had gone out of her way to return my message.
I remember her asking me how did I hear of you, at the time I only had a cell phone and very little service due to where I live, I told her that the name Stephen Austen had Jumped out at me, all I know is I had to get a hold of you. Carla went out of her way to make that happen, and I am very grateful to her for that, as I was in a very low point of my life at that time, the truth is my life has been rather difficult for the most part, but I had always managed to keep a good point of view, and somewhat positive outlook, and always a good sense of humour is a must, lol.
However, I must say that the first time I talked to you I was at my lowest point ever, although I was trying to pretend to you that I was ok, but I was not ok! All I knew is, I had to get a hold of you, Carla made that happen. My first reading you told me I must start to study the Law of Attraction, I really had no clue what the heck you were talking about, but for some reason that one thing you said really stuck in my mind, then a few months later, I had the same feeling as the time when I had to get a hold of you, this may sound funny, but something kept telling me, go to the garbage dump, go to the dump, go to the dump. Well I know how that must sound ha ha, but I had no choice, so I went; you see they have a reuse shed there at the garbage dump, so I went, I walked in, and looked down, and there in a box on the floor was CDs, all about the Law of Attraction, not just one set of CDs but an entire box full, so I picked it up and took them home.
I have been listening to these CDs now for over  6 months, I realize now how far down I was, and I still have a ways to go yet, but I am learning, so its kinda funny how things come together like that, I know now and strongly believe I was meant to contact you, so I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you both, Carla for having her own special gift and gut feeling to get a hold of me that first time, and Stephen, for all your help, you are Truly gifted, so Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, you may not have only helped me Tremendously! you just may have saved me as well, thank you both so much,
Yours truly Liana

Liana Stenset

Alexandra Joyce, BC Canada. (This was for a Telephone Mediumship Reading with some additional health information).

Hi Carla & Stephen,

Thank you very much for the recording, I have downloaded it and saved it for future reference. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading today and definitely plan to do another one sometime in the future!

I really appreciate the information on Autoimmune Wellness. I have tried a similar version to this diet for the past 2 years (organic, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, grain free) and it has helped my digestive system, along with probiotics and other supplements.

I was really amazed by Stephen’s ability to channel my loved ones that have passed on, especially my cat and my grandmothers. I was able to go through the reading and I have found some answers to what Stephen may have been channeling. He referenced someone named “Nancy” and I think that may have been my grandfather “Sandy”, as the names sound similar.

I also discussed with my mom the jewellery items that Stephen picked up on. He mentioned a jewelry item with a “butterfly” and some type of necklace with chains hanging down. My mother and I went through a storage container that holds some of my grandmother or Nana's jewelry. We were pleased and amazed to discover a butterfly pendant and a necklace very similar to what Stephen described (I have attached photos). These two items were contained in a jewellery box that my Nana kept close to her bedside. My newborn photo was also in this storage container, which was interesting. In that same jewelry box, we also found a pendant with a Scottish thistle that she used to wear. Stephen said that he saw some sort of Scottish thistle that would be something usually mounted on a wall. My mother later confirmed that her Aunt Sheila (who is also Scottish and has passed on) had a Scottish thistle on her wall. So I’m not sure if the Scottish thistle is in reference to this or the pendant that we found.

Thank you again for providing me with validation that my loved ones are happy and peaceful in the spiritual word. I also look forward to seeing if Stephen’s predictions of my future profession will come to light in some manner.



Zella Knutson, BC Canada (This was for a Telephone Mediumship Reading).

I enlisted Stephen Austen after reading his profile & reviews online in hope of reaching my daughter. Chelsea, AKA as “Lilly”, the following is the email I sent him after my experience:
Hi Stephen,
You described Lilly’s hair (plats or dreadlocks) all hanging down one side of her head exactly; I included the picture we used in her memorial card and her dog Vader so you could see the resemblance.
Some things felt like they were hit & miss but your description of my daughter’s personality and appearance was exact! At the end of the day once I received your drawings you sent, the hit & miss all came together.
She was an artist and she sketched everything, so colors of the rainbow make total sense, plus we played
“Somewhere over the Rainbow” at her celebration of life.
(Note: I had illustrated a colourful rainbow as part of the sketches that I did for the Reading, and felt that her daughter from Spirit was most insistent that I draw it out in all the colours).
The crystal hanging is also exactly right, after I left my office I noticed a crystal hanging in our dining room window that I had forgotten her best friend Charlie gave us at her memorial. You described it exactly and the
colors were shining thru!
Finally – the hit & miss…
You had mentioned a vase that I just couldn’t connect to my mother? A ring that didn’t sound like the ring I was wearing that was my mothers. And finally a birthday cake, and all we could connect that to was that she had a birthday coming and she shared the same date as my mother in-law, her grandmother.
After you sent the drawings and I saw the shape of the vase, it all came together:
• The vase is the shape of a brass jar (vase) we used as the urn for Lilly’s cremation ashes, it belonged to my mother in-law, her grandmother on my husbands side.
• The ring you drew is a similar shape and size to my mother in-laws wedding band, when she passed it was gifted to our daughter Lilly (Chelsea), and when Lilly passed we gifted it to Alicia, our niece only a few weeks ago.
• The birthday cake as I already mentioned, I believe represents the shared birthday with her grandmother, my mother in-law.
Putting all of this together, I believe the mother energy that came thru was my husbands mother!
Now not so hit & miss!
The experience of hearing a medium connecting with loved ones left me feeling lighter like the future still exists and we are only here in these temporary vessels for a while. I loved how you explained our journey here on earth is to gain knowledge and to learn to love, putting others first. The words you used to work on your life journey truly resonated with me, you said to focus on “being” and not “doing”; in my teaching of personal journeys about health & fitness, I will remember those words when trying to help someone change their lifestyle to better their health.
Once you learn to “be”, you will change what you “do”.
Thank you so much for this experience!
Kind Regards,
Zella Knutson,
Sechelt, BC, Canada


Lucy Randle, Squamish, BC Canada (from Australia) (This was for a Telephone Reading).

'Stephen was music to my ears.... quite literally, in a sense!'

I stumbled upon Stephen Austen through the internet as I was searching for some sort of support and clairvoyance to help me through a difficult time of my life. Upon enquiring with Stephen, I received a very thorough and speedy response from his lovely wife, Carla. I appreciated the level of professionalism, organization and planning. I have found in the past this side of things in this industry quite challenging in other spiritual guides.

Upon our initial meeting, I was blessed with a very calm, switched on and friendly man who was very empathetic and compassionate. He surprised me with his remarks that I should be working with musical instruments and teaching others. It was not a week prior to my appointment I had a thought that I wanted to learn to play an instrument. I did not ever consider doing that as a career, until Stephen spoke of my abilities to teach and to use music to my advantage. His support in mentioning the importance of me making decisions for myself and starting to get things moving in my direction and returning to my home town was soothing to my ears and his wisdom allowed me to make better and solid decisions about the direction in which I need to take.

He painted a very bright and opportunistic image of what my future could be like if I followed the right steps to take in order to follow that path. He spoke of my successes in working for myself with dual careers, I have many opportunities to travel to places like London and Europe with my work and my choices and even study in some of these amazing parts of the world. He made me realize that my life is only just starting and with my second Saturn Return in the calendar that now is an optimal time to be working towards these things.

I received an email shortly after with a recording of our session as well as some illustrated images which further assisted me in feeling safe and certain that my life is headed in the right direction. I am very grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to connect with Stephen and to be so well taken care of by Carla. I would highly recommend his services and advice and have recommended him to several people already that I know that would appreciate his skill and gift.

Many, many thanks, health and happiness to you Stephen and Carla.
Lucy Randle

Rosilyn King, Comox, BC, Canada. (This was for an in-person Reading).

Hello Stephen.

I love it when the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It brings
tears to my eyes. During my visit with you on May 3rd, my dad came
through. You asked me about a specific name that you picked up on, being connected to my dad, a son perhaps? Also, you asked if the number 18 meant anything to me and if he had an anniversary around this time.
I could not see any connection until today, when I had just written to a relative who had the name that you mentioned, and the number 18 was most significant to that person.

This demonstrates to me how important it is to try not to hold any
notion of who will come through or it blinds me from the message. It
was revealed to me just a week ago that this relative in question has been
suffering greatly for months now and is off work. I will share with him the information that you gave as it will be a source of comfort to him.

Thanks again,

Rosilyn King

Alex Popov, Okotoks, Alberta Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for the amazing reading you did for me on June 24. I am (was) a
relatively sceptical person, but the experience was ... out of this
(physical) world!

I will be going through the pictures I have for my extended family looking
for resemblance with the sketches you sent me.
The crystal bowl is quite close to the one I have from my grandma, I do not
know how you do it, but obviously she was "online" that day...
My uncle, his drinks and cigar smoke - all correct, and then you mention and wrote a specific name in your notes. At first I could not figure out who that person was, but I have seen him only once or twice, so
I did not think of him.

I spoke with my aunt about it - and this person bearing the name that you mentioned had contacted my cousins and my aunt that week about some inheritance that still had to be arranged between them.

No lead on the "fat fingers", but you mentioned butterflies - every summer
my uncle would spend some time at their villa in the foothills of the
mountains with his grandkids, and every summer he would buy them butterfly nets for catching butterflies and watching them apparently was one of his favourite activities while he was fishing in the nearby river.

Stephen, life is strange, but your ability to connect is beyond belief, and
at the same time - I have no doubts that you connected with the right

Later that day I had a drink with my favourite uncle, and thanks to you I
know he had a drink with me too. Cheers to you as well, and until later.

Thank you,

Shirley Christopherson, Penticton, BC, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

My daughter and I contacted Stephen for a Medium reading, I lost my husband in March 2016. Even though it was such a recent passing, Stephen did say he could not be certain we could reach my husband.  We did say we wanted him to continue never the less, and we were very pleased we did.  There was no way he could have known the things he was telling us, such as my husbands weight loss and underlying illness. Stephen also brought up my son and the un-easiness my husband felt about the situation. Stephen did not know my sons name, and yet it came up, as well as an inside joke.   There were so many significant things, that it gave my daughter and I some comfort in knowing my husband is looking upon us.   

Thank you Stephen

Shirley Christopherson

Colleen Wood, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Hi Stephen,
You did a reading for me back in January of 2014. I have never had anyone draw pictures of what they see and was fascinated in finding confirmation visuals of your reading. I just did them up on a pdf sheet and took shots of your drawings and the physical evidence I found. You are VERY good. I transcribed your reading and put notes on the pdf file.

Just a few other things:
1. You told me to take on any work coming my way (I am a graphic designer) and to not feel overwhelmed. Starting in March of 2014 I had 6 months of non-stop work with 5 days off. I kept thinking about what you said and that I could handle all the work. Thank you!
2. You pinpointed my left cheek where I had an operation on skin cancer. You said it didn't seem like an issue and it's doing well so far.
3. You talked about me moving...will let you know once I do move as the park in front of me will be developed (you said it could be delayed and it was).

Thanks so much. I have recommended you to a couple friends and having physical evidence is amazing to me as I am an artist and appreciate your talent.


Sue, Kelowna, BC, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Dear Stephen,

I truly believe you have a special gift! During our last chat in March, you saw Greece. It didn't make any sense at the time as there were no plans to go there and I didn't know anyone from there. 
Funny, about a month after the reading, my son said that his friend from Sweden, (that he met last year while backpacking), took a job for the summer in Rhodes, Greece. My son announced that he was going to visit him and asked me if I wanted to meet him there for a vacation. I did just that! I spent 2 weeks in Greece at the end of June. Strange how things happen. 

I just want you to know, that in every reading that you do, you always nail it in some way. The first reading you ever did for me you mentioned a specific name, Janice. You said she was coming forward from the other side. How would you have known my birth mother's name? She passed in 1990 and your connection to her was amazing! I thank you for that.  

I look forward to talking to you again. Please let me know if there is some time in your calendar soon. Thanks!



Julie, Victoria, BC, Canada. (This was for an in-person Reading).

Dear Stephen,
I just wanted to say thank you for our meeting today. My husband and I listened to the CD this evening and I got even more out of it. My husband, who is the most skeptical person around, said he thinks you are "the real deal."

I just wanted to mention one thing. You mentioned seeing a black cowboy hat, and that if I looked around I may see a photo of someone with a black hat. When I listened to the CD tonight, it hit me that the only photo I have on display of my brother in the house is when we were little. Its my favourite photo of the two of us together. I was about 3 and he was about 11. It's a black and white photo of us standing together and we are both wearing black cowboy hats.

Thank you so much for all of your advice and your insights. I left feeling very positive about my future, and feel a sort of calm knowing that my Dad and my brother are always with me.

I will speak to you again.

Julie B, Victoria BC

Shivani, Ontario, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Dear Stephen,
I just wanted to thank you my reading today. You were kind and compassionate and I felt as if you could really understand me. Right away you hit on the main issue in my life and spent time on focusing on that issue as I had hoped. The way you reveal the information you get is also very gentle. You are upfront and honest about what you see which is very much appreciated. Thank you again for today. I will definitely keep in touch and tell you as some of the question marks we had slowly start to emerge in my life. I look forward to receiving your CD via mail.  
Thank you!


Lorraine Rush, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Dear Stephen;
I had a very interesting reading from you Stephen, in 2013. I did take your advice and applied for a position in a place that I very much wanted to work and  I got the position! The position was exactly as you described in my reading....totally amazing! One of the other things you spoke about was regarding my eldest son and you advised me to let him move back home as he was in some trouble financially. I was quite hesitant on doing this, however, being that you were quite adamant on me doing so, I did let him move back in and though it was stressful for a bit it worked out to pretty well save his life! Thank you Stephen :0) I am eagerly awaiting to see what happens with some travelling that we talked about :0)
I did give my eldest son a reading with you recently and he is now in a better place right now and is in the process of "healing". My son lost a very good friend and was missing him and he heard from him during his reading and is now feeling less anxious. Thank you from my son and myself  Stephen.
I will definitely be contacting you sometime in the near future for another reading!
Best Regards,

Lorraine Rush, Nanaimo, BC

Gavin, Nova Scotia, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Reading).

Around two years ago I found myself adrift in Victoria, British Columbia.  My ambition and achievement seemed to be at war with one another. Professionally they had not seen eye to eye for a very long time. In my phone reading with Stephen he saw a new job coming up for me that would open a door to self employment. He saw my daughter living with me full time. He saw a house that I would own, and land, and living off the land. I felt so far away from all that at the time of the reading, but exactly as described, all that Stephen saw has come to pass. Stephen’s recording  helped me a great deal in sticking with a very difficult path. The promise of it being worth while played a major role in me committing to rolling with the punches.

Gavin - Nova Scotia

Ruth Spencer, Kelowna, BC, Canada. (This was for a Telephone Mediumship Reading).

I must say that I am lost for words... which does not happen often. I wish you could fully understand the incredible impact that you had on both myself and my daughter today. We have been struggling terribly with our loss. After speaking with you today, we both feel comforted and at peace. What you brought to us was the most amazing gift. I am really not sure why I contacted you. I am not (was not) a great believer in connecting with the after life. I was not even sure what I believed in... whether it be after life or 'god'.

I don't mean to ramble, in short I really just want to thank you with all my heart. I do hope to be in touch again.

All the very best,

(This client wanted anonymity so this is of course, respected) North Saanich, BC, Canada

I had a 1 1/2 hour telephone reading with Stephen on Thursday Dec 29 2011. I want to say that Stephen has a wonderful and true gift! I had put off seeing a clairvoyant previously despite having a strong intuition to do so because I was concerned about how I'd know if the person I saw had a true gift or not. There seemed to be many that imitate clairvoyance. But I felt Stephen's energy throughout the reading and he accurately told me everything about myself that he couldn't have known otherwise. It seemed like he knew what I was thinking about everything he was telling me as well. He also gave me counsel, and I have immediately followed what he said would be best for me to do. My reading with Steve has been life-changing for me, and a great blessing which has been a breakthrough in my life. Thank you so much! I look forward to my next reading and will continue to see Stephen for further counselling and readings as needed. I have also already recommended him to a few clients as well.

J.S. North Saanich, BC, Canada

Jayne Underwood, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Hi Stephen,
Jayne again, from the noon reading today. :)

Just wanted you to know that I discussed the session with my mother tonight and she clarified almost all of what you told me! The pie you saw was from my great granny who was a cook in a manor and her specialty was steak and kidney pie. Huge ones! Haha.

My grandfather on my mother’s side was a shepherd as a boy; he even slept in the fields with the sheep, hence the shepherds hook.
My great Grandfathers name was Arthur, a name you brought up, and she knows my Great Grandmother was Margaret, but she went by a nickname, she thinks it may be Bonnie, another name you mentioned.

When I was waiting to come in to see you I sent a message out to the spirit world that if you were legit (sorry, but I need to know!) that if you were for real that you would give me the name of an old friend who died when we were teenagers named Mike and you proceeded to do exactly that. Hmmm. Guess you're for real! Aren't you happy to know that? Haha!

I guess now I have to get busy with my own mission in life and start studying mediumship and healing, something that has been told to me by no less than 5 mediums. I'm a stubborn one!

So thank you very much again. Not sure if you remember our session as well as I do but just wanted you to know that you were pretty much spot on.

Sincerely, Jayne

Jayne Underwood
Salt Spring Island
BC, Canada

Kathy Beveridge, Victoria B.C.

Although I am a scientist and a chemist by profession and a mathematician (therefore being reality based & highly analytical) I am also interested in mystical matters.
As soon as I walked into Stephen’s office I could sense a kind and gentle energy emanating from his presence. I immediately felt comfortable.

Stephen draws and writes down what he sees as well as tapes the session.

He started the session by drawing a very accurate picture, down to the expression on her face of Terry my pet terrier that I had as a child. He then drew a sketch of an emaciated man, complete with his collar bones showing. It was definitely my Dad who was only 130lbs for the last 3 years of his life .He then drew some surveying instruments that my father, who was a grain farmer, used to assess land for tax purposes. He then drew a gazebo like structure. Stephen was rather puzzled by this himself. It was obvious to me that it was a metal granary.

The next drawing was of a woman in a woollen headscarf tied in a distinctive Estonian manner. My family were from Estonia. It was obviously my mother’s mother. He then drew my male horse Princess. He insisted that the horse was emphasizing that he was male not female. The horse indicated that he clearly disliked his name.

The most puzzling thing to me was the next drawing of a straight stemmed pipe. I was 99% certain that nobody in my family smoked anything, much less an odd pipe. Stephen was very definite about this so I spent an entire day going through my mother’s photo albums. Lo and behold, there was my mom’s cousin looking very debonair with a straight pipe clenched between his teeth. I was blown away!

A few drawings later my great aunt Charlotte’s distinctive hand crocheted (by her) collar emerged, as well as various mittens, baby booty’s and baby bonnets knitted by my friend Ellen. She kindly made baby sets for my 2 daughters when they were born.

The whole time Stephen was drawing and jotting down key words he was explaining what these things meant. My main contribution throughout was “yes that’s right!”

Next, Stephen looked into my two daughters’ current and future lives. Stephen saw one of them writing and lecturing...she has just had her psychology honours thesis published as a journal paper – unusual for an undergrad.

I inquired how my mother died; Stephen presented a clear image of choking, a heart attack and a bump on the head. He then sensed that my grandfather’s name was Lukas. My dad’s name was August (as was my mom’s dad) but he was always called Gus. I find Lukas and Gus sound very similar.

I believe that Stephen Austen is a true and real clairvoyant medium, particularly because of the many odd and unusual, and distinctly Estonian things he saw and drew. This can’t be accidental. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him.

Kathy Beveridge, Victoria B.C.

Giselle Monge-Urpi, Kelowna B.C. Canada

Dear Stephen:
Thank so very much for all the insights you have given me about past and future events. Now that some time has passed the accuracy of your predictions are very present in my life. The first one I like to comment about is about my cousin Iliana who was suffering with terrible pains and you were able to tell me that the pain came from the hernias that she had in her lower spine and that she needed a surgical intervention. She was so ill that it was very difficult to find a doctor to do the procedure but we did find one. And you also said she will walk again after lots of work on her part, well, she is now quite close to walking and you can probably imagine how happy she is. Thank you.

The accuracy with which you described my father-in-law—your drawing of him was like a real picture of him—and his characteristics and his message were so much like him. Your description of my mother was also very real as if you had her in front of you. The most amazing reading was the one about Pablito, a child that had been killed in an accident, many years ago in my town in Costa Rica. Your description of him and the circumstances that surrounded his death and his funeral together with the names of his grandfather, his mother and his father and also his name—all Spanish names—not easy if you don’t know the language—all so amazing. When I phoned his parents in Costa Rica they were so happy to know that he was well and happy on the other side and are very grateful to you. Pablito’s grandmother (my aunt) was so very happy and she told me that for the first time since his death she was able to go to his grave without the terrible pain she felt in her heart always. In one of my visits to Costa Rica I had phoned you and you told me about some type of toy that Pablito had as a child with a red seat and I wish you could have seeing the happiness in Pablito’s parents and brothers when I told them and they remember the toy. Thank you again.

You also told me my book “Barefoot in Palmares” was going to reach New York, well, no too long ago a relative from New York sent a letter asking me to send him some books because he knew several people interested in it. Also you told me the book was going to continue awakening interest in Costa Rica and every time I go to visit I hear about some universities having discussions about it.

I know that you are so happy when you hear about how your predictions help people, well these are a few of the many that you have given me that have gone around the world to provide happiness.

All the best for you and Carla.

Christie Kalnins, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Hello Stephen;

Thank-you again for the memorable reading that you gave me several months ago.

I have re-listened to your tape twice since then and the accuracy of what you said has sunk in more after allowing myself time to really absorb everything that was said.

I have taken your suggestion to heart and began to explore a re-interest in healing.

I kept my eyes open for information that you mentioned could come to me via a magazine notice or a bulletin posting. A couple of weeks ago I was attracted to an ad in the back of the Monday Magazine that has lead me to a new modality of healing for myself. I also hope to extend that experience towards the healing of others, which you did see me as very capable of pursuing.

The objects that were being shown to you by my mum who passed over last September initially stunned me.

I was trying to comprehend how you knew about all of her kitchen pots, the love she had for her hardbound Latvian books and that small school bell.

I will treasure your drawings of those items forever.

I also very much appreciated your knowledge of the After World. It warmed my heart to hear that it was beautiful place with lakes, rivers, green rolling hills and cities. I had never imagined it was like that. Your description of the jubilance that my mum experienced upon meeting people she didn't expect to see and being re-united with family that had already passed was wonderful to hear.

You saw them dancing around something that resembled a May pole which made me remember something that my mom had told me a couple of years of ago. She described a festive time in her country on May Day where people came together and danced in a circle with traditional costumes. I could tell what a sweet memory that was for her.

I am so happy that she has been able to rejoice on the over side.

The tape you made is invaluable. I will go back and re-listen to it many more times. I am sure I will find other treasures in it that I overlooked.

Thank-you again Stephen.

Fran Sleeth, Comox, Vancouver Island, Canada

Dear Stephen
When I went to you for a reading late in May this year 2007 it was my first personal experience with a person of your capabilities of clairvoyance/mediumship. I had no pre conceived notions in my head regarding what would take place……………for one thing the appointment was set up before I really had any time to think about it & I was in the mood of ……..”Oh well, I guess my daughter has set this up so we will do it”

What came through at the beginning was concerning my husband & his very recent problems of ‘congestive heart failure’ & you described the symptoms exactly !

Then my Husband’s Mother came through & there was ‘no’ doubt that it was her after you described several irrevocable matters that were exclusively from her.

As the reading progressed, the most surprising & unexpected, was when my Great Granddaughter who had died of what they call ‘crib death’ (back in 2001 when she was just over 3 months or so old)

Among other things regarding the Mother’s actions at the time of this Baby’s death…..You stated that the Mother, my first Granddaughter had cut off a piece of the babies hair & tied it with a blue ribbon & that she had been so, very shocked & not accepting that the Baby was dead & you stated that while the Baby was alive that she (the Mother) would look at the Baby & think about what beautiful lips she had & that she would grow up to be a Beautiful girl.

I did not have the opportunity to ever see this Baby, as I was living here in B C & my Granddaughter at that time lived in New Orleans. I did not even know the color of the babies eyes. In the reading one of the things you stated was that she had very special blue eye’s….even this was new information to me.

When just recently I finally got confirmation from my Granddaughter about these specific things, that I have mentioned above that came through in your readings, I can only say 'absolutely amazing'…Stephen !! This is a mind boggling revelation to me, what a wonderful & great confirmation on what I always felt in my heart & soul was true. To receive this kind of proof is such a wonderful gift !

I must tell you that after I had this reading I was sooooooooo very reluctant to face my Granddaughter regarding all this, as I had never had the opportunity to speak about or to discuss anything regarding this tragedy with her. However, this wonderful girl (my oldest Granddaughter) after this unbelievable loss & sorrow did manage to pick up her life & went on to finish her education. Finished & graduated from University.....I just recently in June attended her Graduation ceremonies.

With all this in mind & knowing that she has seemingly been able to put this behind her & has done so well with her life, I was therefore very reluctant to open up old wounds, to cause her further sorrow or whatever? I felt what right did I have? Was my heart felt convictions enough to discuss this with her? I only had these strong feelings & your reading to prove this was a message from my Great Granddaughter.

As time went on...every morning, noon, & night there was……….I can only describe it as perhaps a nudging of something that had to be done. That I had an obligation to convey to my dear Granddaughter the results of this reading when this child came through & that the Mother should know about it.( It made me wonder if I was getting any of this nudging from some little Great Granddaughter in an other dimension ?)

So with the help of my youngest daughter (who had set up the appointment with you in the first place) we tried to figure out the best way to approach my Granddaughter & to explain all of this to her. I did finally get together with my Granddaughter ( the Mother of the dead baby.) I asked her to finally tell me the details of this lost child of hers. As you can imagine it was very hard for her & I felt I was treading on ground where Angels fear to tread. The end result of this meeting was, as I have already stated........everything was confirmed !

I do not believe that my Granddaughter has really digested all that I had to convey to her about the reading yet. I surely hope that this will finally be a blessing for her to have at least some type of closure…the reason I state closure is because that was the word she used as she sobbingly said to me that there was no closure & she had so much guilt about the whole thing. When she thought about her dead Baby all she could ever feel was so much guilt & deep, deep sorrow. She stated that she was unable to even have a memory of the feeling of ‘love & joy’ that she had at the time when the Baby was alive. The Mother further stated…(while we were discussing about her love & admiration while looking at her baby‘s lips when she was alive ) that this was the first time she could think of her in this loving way in such a very……long time !

I want to state again that this has opened my eyes to something I always felt was true ’but’ until this time in my life I have never had this kind of proof of my heart felt theories. There is no other way to explain what came through in these readings, as I did not know any of the details before this. It is proof beyond any doubt !

There is an existence after what we call death, that our loved ones ‘do’ pass over to an other dimension, no matter what the age, circumstance etc. There is an on going on ! As we will all have to pass over at some time, it surely is wonderful to know that we do go on in some way, to an other existence. We will see our loved ones again.

Thank you so very, very much Stephen.

Yours Sincerely……… Fran

Wendy Mclachlan, Penticton, BC, Canada.

Hi Steve
I just wanted to give you an update on some of the things you saw in my future. Two things have happened. You said that I would meet a girl with a name something like Katrina. Well, I met a Karolina from Switzerland, living here in the Okanagan. We both participated in a concert given by a number of musicians at the Bare Bones Theatre. As soon as I met her I knew she was going to be my friend, and then I remembered what you'd said. We've struck up an immediate friendship right at a time when I really needed a person like her in my life. I'm booked for a performance at the Heritage Inn out in Naramata and she's going to play stand up base for me.

The other thing is painting. I remember you said that I would paint in some capacity, and at the time I said "well I paint walls". Two months prior to that I had delivered a number of business cards to paint stores hoping that I could earn some extra money to pay the mortgage I now have after buying half the house from my ex-husband. Well, I've started to get calls, and yesterday I got my first big job. I didn't get any calls until after I had watched "The Secret". The next two days after that, I put into practice asking for money to come frequently and easily, then my phone started ringing for painting quotes by the second day. I could not believe it, that really works! So now I have a whole list of things I ask for before I meditate in the morning. I can't wait to see what happens each day. Now I am looking forward to experiencing the "traveling" part of your reading. You said I would start traveling a lot, in Europe possibly, and playing music possibly. That would be a dream come true. Also, you had said I would be working on a CD with someone. Well, I've been asked to sing back up vocals on a friend's CD. You drew a picture of a man that I would meet who is an "old hand" in the music business. Funny thing is, Cathy, you know my sister Cathy, had a dream of the very same man talking to her about me. It was one of her clairoviant (sp) dreams. This is extremely interesting. I'll let you know when I meet him. Until then, take care. I'm happy you've settled into Victoria so nicely.



Elizabeth Ann Candlish, Sunshine Coast, BC. Canada.

Hi Stephen,
I would like to say a very big thank you for your reading 10 days ago.

I have been to see lots of mediums before, but no one has ever brought my dad through so accurately, even down to the drawing of my dad, and his cap that was a big one forme, what he did, where he went, what he drank - you got it all right my dad never went anywhere without his cap. There are just so many things you told me that were so true, especially my uncle who had passed away 6 days previously it was good to know he was reunited with my dad. The names you mentioned I knew who they were, a few I had to ask about but all correct.

My mum’s health condition you were so right with that. Even down to what I was thinking the evening before I came to see you, you told me what it was and that was from my dad. I knew he was close to me but didn’t realise how close, to realise that he knew what I was thinking, how could you have known that? I was so happy with your reading. I have recommended you to all my friends and family. Your gift is so amazing, thank you for sharing it.

John Edward is a favourite medium of mine, I have seen him on TV a few times, but Stephen you will soon be up there with him in the spotlight, keep up the great work.”


Elizabeth Ann Candlish
Sunshine Coast, BC. Canada.

Kristi Russell, Kelowna, BC. Canada.

Hello this is Kristi Russell,

I am not sure if you remember me, I’m the 16 year old girl who came in to hear about how my brother, who passed away, was. Now you told me to update you on things that you said for the future. Anyways, I just bought my first car finally, and in my reading you had told me my brother sees a nice red car for me to buy months later. I had completely forgotten about this and was at the Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership when I saw a black Neon, and I was about to buy it until I realised it was standard and I wasn’t quite wanting that. So I saw a red Neon and just something was telling me that this is the car for me, I loved it, and I am not much a fan of Chrysler, I wanted Dodge. I still loved it. So I took it for a ride, and decided for sure it was the car for me, and bought it the next day. Now last night I was laying in bed and thinking about my car, and then I was thinking about my mom’s cousin Lynn who just came for a reading (with me, Stephen Austen) the other day, and then I remembered what you told me in the reading about my brother and the red car he saw me buying. I was shocked, my aunt and mom the most. Also my uncle Ken, who also came to have a reading from you for his birthday, told me how he knows how real it can be when you start to look at things and remember they were told in the reading.

So there’s my first update! It makes me feel good to know that Mike (her brother who passed) knew about it.

Now also my cousin Lisa who came for a reading last month, told you how she had lost her wedding ring and was devastated…well she got a call a week later and someone
turned it in to the police and it was found in Subway, she has asked me to tell you how much belief you put in her and it all came true. (I had actually told her cousin about the ring without her mentioning it, and that it would be found again soon).

Thanks again Stephen, I hope to someday in the future have another reading with you.”

Kristi Russell
Kelowna, BC. Canada.

L.Pinnell, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

My visit to Stephen became more than a reading, it was a gift. A loss of life became a reconnection – an awareness that the spirit is always there. I received great comfort from the information that Stephen gave me and it resonated as true to my heart.
The scope of the reading was incredible and not only gave me much to ponder but also affirmed much of my current knowings and decisions.

I listened to the recording of the reading about a month later and was grateful for how uplifting the reading was and how it brought focus for me in a time of confusion.

I honour and thank you for your gift Stephen.

Joy Fox, Kelowna, Canada

Stephen is an extraordinary gifted medium, he was so accurate in the clairvoyant reading I had with him. We had never met and he knew absolutely nothing about my family or me. I have never experienced anything like this, what he told me was very precise and right on.
Thank you Stephen, this was a wonderful reconfirmation of life beyond this physical one, it was truly comforting.

A.S., Kelowna, Canada

Stephen: I have had many readings over the past thirty years and I have to say that your reading more than confirmed my belief that there is, indeed, spiritual survival after death.

You mentioned family members and matters that meant a great deal to me in confirming my deep belief.

Thank you Stephen for such an uplifting reading. God Bless you.

Rev. Edna Drake, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

My name is Edna Drake and I was really impressed with the Reading that I had with Stephen. I felt very relaxed and comfortable in his Reading Room at his house, here in the Okanagan. First, I was fascinated with the Indian cards he started with. It unfolded a lot of the happenings in my life up to this time. It also indicated my present situation and then also the likelihood of what my next year or two would slowly unfold, all good and of a positive nature.
Stephen then received sudden messages from Beyond - my husband who recently passed into Spirit, quite surprising us the family - informed Stephen that my health needs watching…mentioned a polyps or prolapse and a sort of blocking of the throat which I had been experiencing lately (quite unknown to Stephen who I had met for the first time). Well, the condition was not improving, so I followed the advice from my husband through Stephen and went to the Doctor's office. He informed me that I was to have an X-Ray and a test. Apparently I had a condition of oesophageal reflux, heartburn and high blood pressure. So the matter is being taken care of through the guidance of Stephen and my dear departed husband, along with a few guiding angels. So hope is on the way on that matter.

Then Stephen related names that I knew immediately. He described my father in detail. He also mentioned a "tin hat" that was being shown to him, (which he sketched) indicating a War time scene. So, oh I could never forget - that time my husband's father became a Warden and his "tin hat" was the highlight of the topic on a daily basis during the Blitz in England. None of us were allowed to forget his old tin hat in bomb disposal days of WW2. No doubt he's now with his son (my husband) together again.

Then Stephen began to do another drawing, this time there on the sheet of paper was my dog Trixie who died many years ago but was close to my husband and I.

My cousin Roy was mentioned. Stephen said a car was shown to him in connection with Roy. Well, in England my cousin Roy was driving his car to his usual bowling session when his wife was told that he had not arrived at the bowling lane. The Police were notified…there was a car pulled over to the side of the road, engine turned off and the driver slumped over the steering wheel. My cousin Roy died at the wheel of his car. Obviously he was showing Stephen how he departed, in his car.

My sister had to make herself known to Stephen too, letting him know I have her ring. (Yes, I now have her ring which she wanted me to have). Correct again, Stephen. She also mentioned a photo of us both in Brighton. Yes, that's correct.

As Stephen mentioned at the book store (he did a talk for about 70 people including a book-signing) when our loved-ones come to the time of 'Returning Home' they do really carry with them loving memories letting us know they do not ever forget us and are constantly watching over us despite the various duties they adapt themselves to in their newly discovered bodies.

We should be eternally grateful for gifted mediums such as John Edward of TV's Crossing Over programme, and our newly arrived Stephen Austen who will be leading us all to the enlightenment soon to be forthcoming at The White Light Academy of Higher Awareness for the time has come.

Simon, East Sussex, England

If you knew me, you'd think that I'd be the last person you'd expect to provide a testimonial to a medium.
I'm 45 and all my life I'd had the unshakeable conviction that death was absolute; the only life after death was everything else that hadn't died.

In all the conversations and discussions I've had with anyone about life after death, no-one had ever managed to come up with a realistic proposition that stood up to reasoned argument and logic. Their beliefs, to me, had as much substance as the notion of fairies at the bottom of the garden. Wishful thinking and whimsy. It would take something more substantial to shift me.

So when I sat with Stephen for what I thought would be an interesting but ultimately vague experience of mediumship, I couldn't have been more surprised by the things he said.

There is only one person important to me who has died: my dad. I thought then that he would be the subject of my first experience with a medium. But when I approached Stephen I asked only "Can you do me a favour?" - his startling reply of "You're thinking about your dad" was the first of many astonishing things he would say.

I have seen a number of professed mediums display their talents on TV, and they'd invariably involve plenty of waffle and attempts to draw information from the sitter. You know the sort of thing, lines like "Does the letter H mean anything? No? What about K...? No? L? Yes? Oh OK, I'm getting the name Larry? No? Lionel? Linda? Lenny? Benny? Terry?". Hmm. Not terribly convincing.

Stephen doesn't work like that. He began to communicate things to me almost immediately the session started, and he didn't go in for running through the alphabet until he got a hit. In the course of the whole session he only said one female name, without hesitation or prompting: Susan. I have one sister. Her name is Susan.

Over the next hour or so Stephen described all manner of things about my dad's life, work, pastimes, experiences, pets and recollections. Frequently these would be very specific: for example, Stephen said at one point "I see lots of hacksawing; clouds of metal filings and dust flying around. Your dad is injured when a metal filing hits his eye."

I replied: "Well my dad's main work was making wrought iron, which certainly involved a lot of hacksawing and metal filings, but no, I don't recall any such injury." A hit and a miss, I thought.

The next day I spoke with my sister and mum about it. My mum: "Oh yes, your father was injured in the eye by a flying piece of metal. It was before you were born."

There were about 10 instances like this where I told Stephen he was wrong, only to learn from my mum and sister the next day that they knew he was right.

When I review the whole experience and tot it all up, I think about 80% of all the things Stephen said I found to have an accurate meaning or reasonable interpretation. As examples, by accurate I mean Stephen's proclamation that my favourite dog lived to be 9 years old; by reasonable interpretation I mean that of the five male names Stephen spoke out, Tony was the name of my dad's life long friend and Graham the name of my childhood best friend. I haven't (yet?) identified the other three. Maybe I will later. Maybe I won't, as I can understand that if you're listening to the equivalent of a crackly radio, there'll be times when things are mis-heard.

And what are my beliefs now? I don't know. I'm the same sceptical individual but I feel I've had some of the rug pulled out from under my feet! I still don't believe in aliens, fairies or God. But life after death? I can't think of any other explanation for the words Stephen spoke to me. He didn't know all of those things about my dad; I didn't either, getting some of it verified later by family. Only dad knew.

What I found was that Stephen is a genuine man with a rare and genuine talent, the like of which I've never seen anywhere else or in anyone else.

I've tried to portray a fair description of my experience with Stephen to you and I understand you may view it all with the scepticism that I would in your place! I hope you'll be willing to challenge your own beliefs like I did, and contact Stephen for a reading. I think you'll find it rewarding.

Cindy Sharp, Calgary, Canada

Hi Stephen
I wanted to thank you for both Jamie and myself for the reading you did for us on Monday. It was very moving. Once we had time to think about things, we could validate even more information you gave us.

Thank you for the gift you gave us.

Carolyn Kremer, Calgary, Canada


You must feel so honoured to be entrusted with such a valuable gift.
Everyday, as I travel my spiritual journey, I am amazed as my path is guided.
Your reading today so eloquently described my nature and my essence. You validated my awareness of my native shaman guide whom I treasure and with whom I'll endeavour to develop a spiritual and cognizant closeness.

Thank you!

Kathy Prather, Calgary, Canada


Thank you so much for the awesome Reading last week! I have to say it was one of the most profound and defining moments of my life. To say I was "blown away" would be an understatement!
You are truly a remarkable person and you and your gifts are a Godsend. I feel very blessed meeting you and Carla.

Ivonne Plankey, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hi, Stephen,

Just wanted to get in touch to thank you for your lovely energy; as my friend mentioned to you, I felt a real shift after your session as it encouraged, uplifted, and confirmed for me what my next steps are. I am grateful for your genuineness.

Sending many blessings your way,

Ivonne Plankey,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Shallin Brown, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dear Stephen
I am not sure you rememeber me but I had a reading with you in October of 2006.

I just listened to the tape this morning for the first time. I am not sure why it took so long but I think I was scared, or skeptical. You told me to get a book on the teachings of Abraham and I did. Friday February 23, 2007 and I now realize that I was bringing all that negative energy upon myself.

I just wanted to let you know about a few things in the reading that I had that have come true or are significant, and how this reading has changed my outlook on my life.

I did travel...there was a few of us girls that went back to Cancun Mexico.

The mention of the pale blue car was in reference to my first car that I had and it was an older 1983 Honda, I am not exactly sure why I didn't realize it then as it wasn't that long ago.

Agnes was my grandmothers (my moms mom) middle name. Jack is a relative of my moms as well. I am still trying to place the other names you mentioned but I am sure they will come in due time.

Glad to hear that you and your wife are well settled on the Island and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Thankyou so much
Shallin Brown

Caroline Wood, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hello Stephen:
I received your e-mail and am happy to hear that you are enjoying your new home.

I had a telephone reading with you on November 18/06; and, you mentioned at that time that I was on sort of a plateau, which would last for about 6 to 8 months. Indeed, that has been and continues to be the case. You also stated that age 6 was a significant year for my daughter, something I could not figure out during the reading. However, upon exploring this, I realized that that was the age that I moved her to Calgary; and, it was also when her father had his first child with her new wife, which would have been my daughter's first sibling. You also said that Christmas would be special/meaningful, as you saw a beautiful, warm glow around my Christmas tree. The significant thing that happened to me at Christmas was that I was able to get a copy of the Secret, which was quite surprising being that we couldn't buy the DVD here at that time.

Take care,

Donna Aveni, East Sussex, England, UK.

I'm glad you emailed,Stephen, I wanted to tell you a couple of months went by after your initial reading for me when I realized something related to what you brought up in the reading.You mentioned getting messages from my father and that he was surrounded by tools in a workshop.He especially came through holding a hammer and saying "I could build one if I wanted to".
Two things significant here:first,a few days before I contacted you,I told my dad if he was listening,I wanted him to build a house like the one we had in 1950.Second, when I was very small, I "helped" him build the home we lived in, often trying to hand him the large hammer with a black handle you described him holding. Pretty good,huh?

Hope to contact you again soon.


Dona, Kaslo, BC, Canada.

Hello Stephen,
Thank you so much! I received my tape and notes from you today.

I must say, I feel so uplifted since my reading. In your letter you mentioned to feel free to share with you any predictions that materialise…well…I am chuckling…that very same night on the 4th Sept. I got an email from Tom saying he just found out that night that his daughter is having a baby!!

(I had predicted that a baby was coming into the family).

Also the cross that you drew…looks exactly like the cross Tom has in his possession…only it is white…it is fancy like that. Also, Gladys’ daughter Annie, who was my son’s first serious girlfriend, came into my store yesterday and I have not seen her for years. It was so neat when I got to share with her what happened with my reading.

(I had clairvoyantly received the name ‘Gladys’ during the Reading, whom Dona was able to confirm as an old friend. I then passed information on to Dona for Gladys’ daughter, Annie. This was communicated through me from Dona’s son who had passed to Spirit).

I have passed your website on to others and will continue to do so. You are a True Blessing from God!!
Once again thank you so much!!
Blessings to You and Yours.

Sincerely, Dona

Dona wrote again later to add:

I must say that when I get overwhelmed with it all, I just think of my reading and it keeps me grounded and going. Once again, thank you!!

Also there were other things that have transpired since my reading, as far as names go. (I gave several names clairvoyantly). I must say you are amazing. God truly has blessed you with a Very Special Gift.

My daughter is also looking forward to her reading with you and others as well. I will continue to share my experience with others.

I would like to share with you that Tom was a little sceptical about all this…but he is no more!! Before my reading he mentioned to me that he was very supportive in what I chose to do even if it was not his thing and now he has mentioned giving his sister a reading with you for her birthday.

Wishing you the best on your journey and blessings to You and Yours.

Sincerely, Dona”

Michele Matthews, Osooyos, BC, Canada.

I had the pleasure of a telephone reading with Stephen this winter. I was pleasantly surprised how much information he was able to receive. I preferred the telephone reading, as I knew then that he was not reading my body language,nor making assumptions on my appearance. When I received the taped session in the mail the next week, I was very excited to see the notes and drawings he had made.I have referred back to them numerous times.

Clive W., Kent, England.

Dear Stephen
Thank you very much for your time last Thursday. I found the telephone reading you gave me very helpful. The advice regarding my current job and the pressures I’ve been under recently helped enormously. I’ve to date kept the problems I’ve been having to myself. Having identified the main cause and provided me with advice to help remedy the situation it feels as if you lifted the lid off of a pressure cooker. You said quite a few things that I feel I can use as tools to use on this current part of my journey.

I think you provide an extremely helpful service, a bit like a psychologist with extra powers and maybe one day in the future the type of services you provide will be available on something like the NHS. Imagine people going to see a consultant who has the personal insights like you have and prescribing personal advice that’s far more targeted and precise than handful of chemicals that are aimed at the symptoms rather than the cause.

Thanks again Stephen and I hope to speak to you again soon.

Kind Regards


Donna Hollman, Nelson, BC, Canada.

My Reading with Stephen Austen was exceptional! It was amazing to me how accurate he was! I found him to be trustworthy, sensitive to your journey and very insightful. I would recommend him to anyone at any age. Donna.

Lili Govednik, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

I wanted to thank you Stephen, for your telephone reading from all my heart! Not just because you helped me and my son tremendously, but I am grateful for gaining a lifelong friend in you! Your insights helped me to take the right steps towards my son's recovery from illness, for my husband to find a better job. The most surprising experience was when you connected with my Mom, and she was sending her love even after she left...You discribed her picture with lot's of flowers. I totally forgot about the existence of that picture and after the reading I found it hidden in a big book. On front of it a huge bouqet of flowers! I really found my piece of mind after you reading! Thank you and God bless you!

L.V. Victoria, BC, Canada

I feel very happy and peaceful with the knowledge that my grandmother was most definitely there with us on Saturday, and to know that they don't disappear forever when they leave this place.

I'm so thankful that you were able to get so much information for me, even if I couldn't verify that much at the time, I'm so happy to have it all, and I know over the years, I'll be reminded of what you've said.

I have only once had another reading, it was about a year ago, and some really accurate information came out of it. However, I always had a bit of lingering doubt in the back of my mind, because I felt I'd said too much upfront, that she knew too much about me initially. So I wanted to try again, but this time I really wanted to go into the reading paying closer attention to what I said beforehand and knowing you don't know anything about me other than my first name. That way, any information that came through, I would know 100% without a doubt, it wasn't something I'd revealed myself. Know what I mean? And you absolutely did that for me, I'm so happy to have that confirmation. I wanted to be free of all doubt, and now I am.

When you drew those eyeglasses, and then the scribbly lines around the edges and expressed that my grandma had glasses but couldn't see.. that did it for me. I knew it was her. And then the necklace, I knew that was a difficult thing to ask, such a specific question, but you were fantastic, the details about the clasp are so unique to that particular necklace that I knew she was showing it to you.

By the way I have heard back from my dad on a couple of things, he DOES have some of his brother's fishing lures!! You were right! It's so exciting one by one as the things you've said get verified!

I just wanted to again say how much I got out of Saturday, that you did exactly what I hoped you could, remove all doubt.

Many many thanks,

Victoria, BC